CB2 Dancer

james jobson-larkin

James Jobson-Larkin, an 18-year-old aspiring ballet dancer, has an impressive background in ballet training. He started his journey at the prestigious Ballet Academy East in New York, where he dedicated eight years of hard work and passion to honing his ballet skills. Building upon his strong foundation, James further pursued his ballet education at Ellison Ballet, another renowned institution in New York. The rigorous training and guidance he received at Ellison Ballet allowed him to refine his technique, artistry, and performance abilities.

Not only did James immerse himself in ballet training, but he also recognized the importance of music in his artistic journey. To broaden his understanding and appreciation of music, he attended the Music Advancement Program at Juilliard in New York. This program provided James with a comprehensive musical education that complemented his ballet training. It enhanced his ability to connect with the music while dancing and added depth to his performances.

With his extensive training at Ballet Academy East, Ellison Ballet, and the Music Advancement Program at Juilliard, James Jobson-Larkin has cultivated a well-rounded artistic foundation. James is thrilled to be joining Cinncinati Ballet’s second company.