Peter Pan flying in Wendy's room

Full Length Production

Peter Pan

Contact Information

Brian Sherman


Production Information

Crew Requirements

Choreography: Septime Webre

Set Design: Jay Depenbrock and Holly Highfill

Costume Design: Claudia Lynch and Sideline Design

Lighting Design: Trad A Burns

Music: Carmon DeLeone

Flying by: FOY

Carpenters: 8

Props: 3

Flyers: 6

Rail: 3

Deck Electricians: 2

Light Board Operator: 1

Sound: 1

Spot Operators: 2

Wardrobe: 2 heads and 5 dressers

Wig and Make-up: 1

Scenic Information

Number of trucks: One 53’

Three ballet dancers in a room
Captain Hook and ballerina dancers
Captain Hook and crew on ship
Ballerina jumping under skull and crossbones
Captain Hook and crew on the island
Captain hook's men carrying him
Peter Pan flying in Wendy's room
Wendy and her brother sleeping in her room