Two ballet dancers performing Firebird

Full Length Production


Contact Information

Brian Sherman


Production Information

Crew Requirements

Choreography: Adam Hougland

Set and Costume Design: Marion Williams

Lighting Design: Trad A Burns

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Carpenters: 4

Props: 2

Rail: 2

Deck Electricians: 2

Light Board Operator: 1

Sound: 1

Spot Operators: 2

Wardrobe: 2 heads and 4 dressers

Scenic Information

Number of trucks: One 53’

Dancer with arms stretched out
Two Firebird dancers facing towards each other
Firebird dancer arms down facing away, two dancers at their feet
Single dancer facing forwards arms horizontal
Two ballet dancers performing Firebird
Large Group of Firebird Dancers
Single dancer facing audience