Dancer with broom

Full Length Production


Contact Information

Brian Sherman


Production Information

Crew Requirements

Choreography: Victoria Morgan

Set and Costume Design: Peter Farmer

Lighting Design: Clifton Taylor

Music: Sergei Prokofiev

Carpenters: 4

Props: 4

Rail: 4

Deck Electricians: 2

Light Board Operator: 1

Sound: 1

Spot Operators: 2

Wardrobe: 3 heads and 8 dressers

Scenic Information

Number of trucks: One 53’

Painting of male dancer in white
Danseur holding Ballerina
Dancer doing splits mid air
Dancers holding numbers
Dancer holding a wand
Dancer with broom
Dancers with number 12 in the middle
Cinderella washing the floor
Group of Ballet dancers
Dancers with highlighted dancer in the middle
Cinderella riding in a carriage