Videos from the Stage

Unique perspectives of Alice rehearsals

Alice finds some curious doors, and when she knocks they spring to life!

Knock Knock

The Queen of Hearts has had quite enough of Alice’s antics.

Alice loses her head!

Oops, the Queen won’t stand for white flowers… he should’ve known better.

The Butler’s big mistake

Alice has grown back to normal (if there ever was such a thing), and now the door is too tiny. It’s really quite sad indeed.

Crying an Ocean

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum hop on a magic bicycle and fly off to see Alice

Tweedles take flight

Caterpillar slithers by, puffing the hookah, and schools Alice on Wonderland’s mysterious nature.

Riding the hookah

Lewis Carroll has come to visit and the twins are just showing off!

Sibling rivalry

Another normal afternoon. How boring for an imaginative little girl like Alice… or maybe not.

What to do? What to do?

The week before opening night of ALICE (in wonderland) the Cincinnati Ballet company moved into the Aronoff Center for dress rehearsals and technical rehearsals. See Alice from angles you’ve never seen before as we pass a GoPro camera off to our dancers and join them for a first person perspective on stage!

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