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A fiery sword fight

Full Length Production

King Arthur’s Camelot

Contact Information

Dena D’Andrea


Length of Piece

2 hours


Victoria Morgan


John Estacio

Number of Dancers

55 traveling dancers plus 14-20 local kids

One of the few ballets created based on the legendary tale, King Arthur’s Camelot transports us to the mystical land of Camelot where the story of King Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere unfolds in a visually stunning display of dance, drama, and magic that the whole family will love! Exquisite costumes by Sandra Woodall, one of the dance world’s most sought after designers, and an original score by John Estacio set the scene as newly crowned King Arthur navigates the trials of love and betrayal amidst a kingdom at war. Complete with puppets, projections and jousting.

Production Specs

Production Information

Crew Requirements

Librettist and Dramaturge: Eda Holmes

Set Design: Joe Tilford

Projection Design: John Boesche

Costume Design: Sandra Woodall

Puppet Design: Eric Van Wyk

Lighting Design: Trad A Burns

Fight Choreographer: Regina Cerimele-Mechley

Music: John Estacio

Carpenters: 4

Props: 4

Rail: 4

Deck Electricians: 2

Projectionist: 1

Light Board Operator: 1

Sound: 1

Spot Operators: 2

Wardrobe: 3 heads and 8 dressers

Wig and Make-up: 2

Scenic Information

Number of trucks: One 53’

Two Ballet Dancers with a starry night sky behind them
3 ballet dancers, on the left is King Arthur
The King and his Knights
Ballet dancer holding a giant butterfly
Arthur pulling the sword from the stone
A fiery sword fight
The king and his knights, swords raised in air
King surrounded by women
Man pulling horse
3 ballet dancers
Danseur arms out wearing a gold vest