The princess laying down

Full Length Production

Sleeping Beauty

Contact Information

Dena D’Andrea


Length of Piece

2 hours and 23 minutes


Devon Carney, after Marius Petipa


Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Number of Dancers

55 traveling dancers plus 24 local children and 11 supernumeraries

The plucky heroine’s good deeds awaken a magical transformation thanks to a little help from her Fairy Godmother. Laugh out loud with the riotous Stepsisters, hilariously performed by male dancers, and marvel as an ordinary pumpkin Beautiful sets and costumes, dazzling dance, and a glorious score by Tchaikovsky will awaken your senses and transport you to a magical place where a beautiful sleeping princess is awakened by a kiss and good triumphs over evil. Children and adults alike will delight in this beloved full-length fairytale classic.

Production Specs

Production Information

Crew Requirements

Choreography: Devon Carney, after Marius Petipa

Set and Costume Design: Peter Farmer

Lighting Design: Trad A Burns

Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Carpenters: 4

Props: 4

Rail: 3

Deck Electricians: 2

Light Board Operator: 1

Sound: 1

Spot Operators: 2

Wardrobe: 3 heads and 11 dressers

Wig and Make-up: 2

Scenic Information

Number of trucks: One 53’

Ballet dancers kneeling, ceremony in the center of the stage
The princess laying down
Prince fighting the witch
Ballet dancers dancing in the woods, all looking towards the middle dancer who is on one foot
Ballerinas with right arm curved in the air, man and woman in center stage
Dancers wearing red with ballerina in orange in center stage
Ballerina holding a wand
Ballerina in pink with two men to each side of her
Witch at her lair propped in the air by her servants
Carabose the Witch on stage with minions
Ballerinas dancing in front of the witches lair
Dancers in front of the witches lair
Danseur dancing with ballerina
Ballerina in red with danseur jumping mid air