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Fellow Traveler marks Hougland’s Sixth World Premiere

For the 2015-2016 Kaplan New Works Series, Hougland has churned out yet another world premiere for Cincinnati audiences, titled Fellow Traveler. The return of Patric Palkens as Principal Dancer this season made for a perfect pairing with Hougland, leading to the creation of Adam’s sixth world premiere with Cincinnati Ballet.

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Performance Timelapse

See an entire Mozart’s Requiem dress rehearsal in a 2 minute time lapse video.

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Overhead Videos

You’ve seen ballet from the orchestra seats. We’ve even shown you what it’s like on stage. This time we’ve gone further… about 100 feet further, in fact. We hid a camera on the set floating high above the dancers to capture Mozart’s Requiem from an impossible angle during technical rehearsals. Watch as the Cincinnati Ballet […]

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Videos from the Stage

The week before opening night of ALICE (in wonderland) the Cincinnati Ballet company moved into the Aronoff Center for dress rehearsals and technical rehearsals. See Alice from angles you’ve never seen before as we pass a GoPro camera off to our dancers and join them for a first person perspective on stage!

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Flying with Drosselmeyer in the Nutcracker

We collected footage from Drosselmeyer’s point of view and backstage to show you what it’s like to go flying across the stage.

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Elementz Hip Hop dancers join Nutcracker Cast

After originally joining forces for Kaplan New Works, Cincinnati Ballet and Elementz hip hop dance group collaborated on hip hop choreography, making a unique addition to this season’s Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker.

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The Nutcracker Escorts Big Boy to Aronoff

Frisch’s has been sponsoring the Cincinnati Ballet production of Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker since it’s beginning in 1974! Each year Big Boy is ceremoniously escorted by the Nutcracker to his rightful place in the Aronoff Center lobby to kick off Cincinnati’s Nutcracker season.

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‘A Fantasy In the Making’ Documentary

40 years later Nutcracker has evolved, becoming even more spectacular than the original. Families still gather every winter to see the magic and wonder of Cincinnati Ballet’s The Nutcracker, now in its sixth iteration.

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NBC News: Cuban Americans Participate In Havana Ballet Festival

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