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Keeping Nutcracker New & Interesting

Hear from Victoria about the fine line between tradition, expectations, excitement and progress.

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How Mother Ginger became Mother Hen

Learn about Mother Ginger’s history over the last 40 years at Cincinnati Ballet.

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Nutcracker’s challenging choreography

Maestro Carmon DeLeone, Music Director, reminisces about the original Nutcracker from 1974, but points out today’s choreography is much more demanding than it used to be.

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Nutcracker moments return with modern twists

Learn about the origin of The Nutcracker’s poodles, and other aspects of the performance that have returned after 40 years.

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Cincinnati’s Nutcracker Tradition

Artistic Director & CEO Victoria Morgan and Maestro Carmon DeLeone sit down to talk about the long standing tradition of The Nutcracker in Cincinnati.

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