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Cincinnati Refined: After An Incredible Season, Is It Possible Cincinnati Ballet Saved The Best For Last?


There’s only one bad thing about spring in Cincinnati. It signifies the end of the ballet season. And that, my friends, is a travesty.

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The Kaplan New Works Series Photo Gallery

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The Story Behind Somewhere Close To Happiness

Somewhere Close to Happiness follows the story of The Broken One, an outsider without a place in society, and The Chosen One, who, despite her sheltered existence, is intrigued by this newcomer.

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Karass Rehearsals – New Works

Heather Britt brings Karass to The Kaplan New Works Series, April 20-30. Peek into rehearsals in this photo gallery.

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Eros Redux Rehearsals – New Works

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa brings Erous Redux to The Kaplan New Works Series, April 20-30, for the U.S. premiere. Peek into rehearsals in this photo gallery.

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Never.Nest Rehearsals – New Works

Peek into the studio as Cincinnati Ballet Dancers rehearse Jennifer Archibald’s Never.Nest.

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Kaplan New Works Series Casting

Cincinnati Ballet dancers have been hard at work perfecting 4 premieres for The Kaplan New Works Series ahead of performances at the Aronoff Center April 20-30.

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Heather Britt, Cincinnati’s Most Sought After Choreographer

It’s safe to say Britt has not only established herself as an esteemed choreographer, she’s also shaking up the dance community in Cincinnati, and beyond.

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Loss Becomes Inspiration in Heather Britt’s Karass

While sitting at the memorial for a young family member, Heather Britt found herself contemplating what remains after we are gone.

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Jennifer Archibald & Swoon Collaborate on Never.Nest

Known for her variety of influences, Jennifer Archibald will again enter uncharted territory through her collaboration with street artist Swoon on her latest work, Never.Nest.

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