Love is in the Air

With Dancers Chisako Oga & Jimmy Cunningham

Where was your first date?

Our first date was dinner and a show. We went to Biagio’s Bistro in Clifton.  It’s a great little Italian place on Ludlow Ave. I was so nervous that I parked the car and blocked the passenger door with a telephone pole. I had to move the car just so that Chisako could open her door! 😂 Then we went to the Aronoff for the Broadway series. We were running a little bit late and made it to our seats just as the lights were going down.

Have you ever danced together?

That’s kind of how we met!  We first danced together in Adam Hougland’s Cut to the Chase which was right after Chisako joined the company. We were also partnered for the Snow Pas de Deux in The Nutcracker.

Who cooks?

I mainly cook, but Chisako knows her way around the kitchen really well too! We cook together quite a bit.  I take charge sometimes and she asks me to be sous chef when she is making Japanese Cuisine.

Where did you get engaged?

Scottsdale, AZ.  I had no idea that I would ever propose in Arizona.  We were on a road trip with the Oga’s. One of the evenings was a family Photoshoot and I pulled the ring out before it was time to take our couple pictures.  Chisako was so surprised!  She said yes, and we got some great shots just as the sun was setting.

When’s the wedding?

Mid-June, we are still in the beginning of the planning phase.

Anything else?

We were matching in our engagement photo because the couples were in the same color for the family photoshoot.  The funny thing is that we hate matching!  If we accidentally have the same color on it match even a little bit; one of us has to go change!

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