King Arthur’s Camelot Trailer

The epic tale of honor, adventure and magic returns Valentine's Day Weekend

Join Cincinnati Ballet February 10-12 for King Arthur’s CamelotThe epic tale of honor, adventure and magic returns just in time for Valentine’s Day.

King Arthur’s Camelot is one of the few ballets based on the legendary tale of King Arthur, a prevalent focal point of medieval literature. After being pronounced king and finding true love with Guinevere by way of Merlin’s magic, King Arthur’s idyllic life soon leads way to turmoil as he learns of the transgressions of his new wife and his newest knight, Lancelot. A young idealist, King Arthur’s visions of obtaining a perfect love and ruling with honor and valor are challenged and he finds himself a mere man, navigating a world wrought with betrayal and dishonor. The story is told through a stunning display of dance and theatrical elements such as projections, puppets, and exquisite sets and costumes.

Catch a glimpse of the magical kingdom of Camelot in our new trailer!

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