Cincinnati Ballet’s Rodrigo Almarales to Perform in Cuba

September 23, 2014

Cincinnati Ballet Senior Soloist Rodrigo Almarales, a native of Cuba, will be returning to his home country in October to perform with Cuba’s National Ballet Company in Havana’s prestigious international dance festival.

Almarales will be in Cuba from October 25 through November 8, performing in Flames of Paris and Coppelia.

“Being on stage with the company performing principal roles is going to be one of the best experiences of my career,” Almarales said. “Also, I will be performing for my family. I have danced around the world, but my family has never seen me dance so it’s going to be quite a treat for both them and me.”

Almarales trained with Cuba’s National Ballet School, along with the National Ballet School of Mexico, National Ballet School of Canada and the Hamburg Ballet School. He joined Cincinnati Ballet in 2011 and has performed in The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Don Quixote and The Sleeping Beauty.

Internationally, he was the silver medal recipient for the Helsinki International Ballet competition in 2012 and has performed principal roles with the Mongolian National Ballet and the Tokyo Komaki Ballet.

“We will miss Rodrigo as his guest appearance in Cuba will prevent him from performing in Peter Pan, but the request from Rodrigo was willed with emotion,” said Victoria Morgan, Cincinnati Ballet Artistic Director and CEO.  “The invitation from Cuba to have Rodrigo perform with them is heartening, as perhaps that means that the lines of separation are softening. The arts have always been the language of commonality that gets lost in the strife of conflict. We wish him our best!”

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