Cervilio Miguel Amador and David Morse Rehearse King Arthur

King Arthur's Camelot takes the stage Feb 10-12

When King Arthur’s Camelot premiered in 2014, the title role of King Arthur was created on Cervilio Miguel Amador. The chance to return to the role has Cervilio excited, he told Cincinnati Refined “There’s a feeling of ownership I have over the role, because it was created for me. I was involved in the early process of interpreting the musical score for this ballet. No one had ever danced to this music before. It feels very personal, and now I have the opportunity to do it again.”

David Morse will also be donning the crown and commanding the Knights of the Roundtable. You can see them both rehearsing inside the Cincinnati Ballet Studios in our new video. If you’re wondering who else will be brining your favorite characters to life, check out our King Arthur’s Camelot casting post.

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