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WLWT: Cincinnati Ballet hosts CB Moves Dance Program

May 10th, 2023


Cincinnati Ballet will be hosting an Adult Adaptive Dance class in partnership with The Bridge this May 13 at the Margaret and Michael Valentine Center for Dance. This program is geared towards adults with physical disabilities and is open to anyone age 18 and up.  One friend or care partner per participant is invited to join as well! 

“Ballet is a universal language. So it’s a way for us to express ourselves emotionally but also creates a wonderful social connection. A lot of things that we’ve learned along the way in the past nine years are that social connecting has been such a positive experience for our students.” says Carolyn Guido Clifford (Director of Education.)

Led by qualified faculty with consultation from experienced physical therapists, our CB Moves team is deeply committed to safely supporting all participants as they explore the rich benefits of movement, music, and a highly engaged student community.

In partnership with The Bridge Adaptive Sports and Recreation, which has helped us build our curriculum and make sure that we’re creating a safe, welcoming, and artistically challenging environment, adult dancers are invited to join us for a free sample class featuring a blend of different dance styles for dancers ages 18+ with physical disabilities.

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CB Moves Adult Adaptive Dance class is happening this Saturday, May 13th at the Margaret and Michael Valentine Center for Dance. Check-in starts at 9:00 am and it’s completely free for anyone with physical disabilities to try out.

To sign up, visit: https://cballet.org/cb-moves-adult/

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