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2020-2021 School Year Parent FAQs

Is there a deadline for registration?

The priority registration period for current Academy families runs from August 6 to August 25 and registration opens to the public on August 26. There’s no fall deadline for registration but families should note that registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and space is quite limited. Main Division classes begin the week of September 14 and Children’s Division classes begin the week of October 5.

Have adjustments been made to the facility’s air filtration system?

Yes! The Ballet Center’s air filtration system has been upgraded to include MERV 13 hospital grade filters.

I noticed teachers weren’t indicated on the class schedule. When will I find out who will be teaching my student?

Class teachers will be announced just prior to the start of the Academy Year. Families are encouraged to register for the class schedule that best supports the needs of their student and family.

Does my student need to quarantine after travel?

In line with the Travel Advisory for the State of Ohio, anyone who has traveled to a state reporting positive testing rates of 15% or higher for COVID-19 should self-quarantine for 14 days. Students are welcome to engage in virtual classes during that time. For more information, visit: State of Ohio COVID-19 Travel Advisory

I have account credit from the end of last season. How do I apply that toward this year’s tuition?

If you’re registering online, there’s a question within the registration form that allows you to indicate any instructions for our team regarding utilizing your account credit. Please note that this credit will be applied by our Registrar following registration and won’t be reflected in your cart at checkout. Missed that step during registration? No problem. Simply call 513.562.1111 or email cbacademy@cballet.org and we can assist you with applying your account credit to your tuition bill.

What’s the student capacity of classes?

Class capacity is determined by the size of the studio in which it takes place. Distancing measures of at least 6’ at the barre and at least 8.5’ in the center are used to determine studio capacity.

Are there changing rooms/areas available to my student?

Unfortunately, not this year. All student and company changing areas are closed this season and restrooms are for use as restroom facilities only. Students are asked to arrive with their dancewear on underneath their street clothes.

What’s the protocol in the event of a positive COVID-19 case?

In accordance with CDC guidelines, Cincinnati Ballet requests any person who tested positive for COVID-19 or who suspects they may be positive for COVID-19 to seek medical advice from their health care provider, and to notify the Academy Administrative Office at cbacademy@cballet.org immediately.
The protocol below will be enacted in the event a confirmed COVID-19 case has entered the facility:

Isolation of Illness On Site:
• If a person becomes ill or exhibits symptoms while on the premises of the Ballet Center they will be promptly isolated in a specified area.
• The person’s family or emergency contact (parents/caretakers if it’s a student) will be advised immediately, and they will be required to leave the building as soon as possible (unless emergency medical services are required).
• The person will seek medical care on his/her own.

• Notification to the Ohio Health Department will be sent on the same day of discovery of a positive COVID-19 case to determine a course of action.
• A general notice to anyone who has had “close contact” with a COVID-19 positive person will be sent within 24 hours. “Close contact” is defined by the CDC as being within 6 feet of an infected person while not wearing recommended PPE. Close contact generally does not include brief interactions such as walking past a person.
• In coordination with the Ohio Health Department, a specific notification will be sent with next step instructions for any persons affected by the exposure incident within 24-48hrs.

Facility Operations & Cleaning:
• Classes may be immediately suspended as a matter of safety, pending further details.
• An initial short-term closure may be implemented. The Ohio Health Department’s recommendations for the scope and duration of closure will be made on a case-by-case basis in consideration of their expert assessment and Cincinnati Ballet’s procedures.
• All affected spaces will undergo deep cleaning and sanitation in accordance with established cleaning protocols.

Transition to Virtual Learning:
• During any length of temporary closure, all classes will transition to a virtual learning platform.

Facility Re-Opening & Return to Classes:
• The decision to reopen any facility will be made in collaboration with local health officials and/or with reference to the most up to date COVID guidelines as established by the CDC and the State of Ohio.
• Upon return: Health assessment questions and temperature taking protocols will resume and all protocols as outlined in the student handbook will resume.
• Any person who was identified as a positive COVID-19 test result will be required to provide evidence of two negative test results taken 24 hours apart before returning to the Ballet Center.

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