Chandler Proctor’s Promotion To First Soloist

July 05th, 2023

Chandler Proctor was born in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina where he studied dance until 2013 when he joined Houston Ballet II. In 2015 he was offered a company position with Tulsa Ballet and was promoted to Soloist in 2019. While in Tulsa he performed in works by renowned choreographers Jiří Kylián, Nacho Duato, Derek Deane, Wayne McGregor, Ma Cong, and Edwaard Liang.

We are thrilled to announce that the talented Chandler Proctor has been promoted to first soloist for Cincinnati Ballet’s 2023-2024 Season! This remarkable milestone ushers in an exhilarating new phase in his extraordinary adventure.

Chandler, congratulations on being promoted to First Soloist! I’m sure it’s been thrilling for you and
we’re all so excited to see what comes next in your journey.

What was your reaction like when you found out about your promotion and
what does it mean to you personally and professionally?
I was thrilled. It’s always exciting to have your hard work recognized.

How long have you been with Cincinnati Ballet and where were you before?
I’ve danced with Cincinnati Ballet now for two years. Before coming here, I danced with the Tulsa Ballet.

Can you share a memorable performance or experience you’ve had since joining Cincinnati Ballet?
For me, it was when I performed Victoria Morgan’s “King Arthur’s Camelot.” It was my first major role with the company and the first time I got to dance alongside my fiancée Minori Sakita. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

We have the exciting 60th Diamond Anniversary this 2023-2024 season. What are you most excited about?
It’s difficult to choose just one piece! We are performing so many different works across a variety of different styles. I would say I’m excited to challenge myself by exploring new styles of dancing.

Lastly, what can we expect from you this upcoming season?
Performing brings such joy to me. I hope that I’ll continue to share that feeling of happiness with the audience of Cincinnati when they watch me dance!

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