Administrative Staff

Meet the Cincinnati Ballet Administrative staff

The Administrative Staff works in a variety of behind-the-scenes capacities to ensure the continued success of Cincinnati Ballet.

Scott Altman
President & CEO


Academy + Education

Vice President of Academy + Education: Ginger Johnson 513-562-1125
Director of Education & Community Engagement: Carolyn Guido Clifford 513-562-1124
Academy Director: Sarah Hairston 513-562-1119
Academy Principal: Zack Grubbs 513-562-1105
Assistant Academy Principal: Dawn Kelly 513-562-2005
Student Services Manager: Maura Korn 513-562-1120
Youth Programs Manager: Kara Jones Louis 513-562-1101
Academy Registrar: Elizabeth Metz 513-562-1133


Vice President of Finance & CFO: Joe Carolin 513-873-5798
Controller: Missie Santomo 513-562-1106
Vice President of Human Resources: Tiffany Whitcomb 513-562-1137
Staff Accountant: Stacey Rich, CPA
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO: Tyler Parker 513-562-1131
Executive Assistant to the Artistic Director: Ramsey Houston 513-562-1139


Vice President of Philanthropy: Sara Pomeroy 513-562-1112
Associate Director of Giving: Sarah Templeton Wilson 513-562-1103


Vice President of Marketing + Brand Strategy: Nicole Doll 513-562-1127
Graphic Designer: Katie Daly 513-562-1123
Videographer: Dan Wood 513-562-1130

Patron Experience + Community Engagement

Vice President of Patron Experience + Community Engagement: Tom McLaughlin 513-562-1126
Director of Education & Community Engagement: Carolyn Guido Clifford 513-562-1124
Patron Experience Manager: Louanna Wyatt 513-562-1114
Patron ExperienceOfficer: Eline Bauwens 513-621-5282
Patron ExperienceOfficer: Carolyn Gaddis 513-621-5282
Patron ExperienceOfficer: Butch Hamm 513-621-5282
Patron ExperienceOfficer: Deja Shanks 513-621-5282
Patron ExperienceOfficer: Gwen Sims 513-621-5282
Patron ExperienceOfficer: Pam Taylor 513-621-5282
Patron ExperienceOfficer: Katie Waldron 513-621-5219

Production + Operations

Vice President of Production & Operations: Dustin “DJ” Haugen 513-562-1121
Production Stage Manager: Melinda Dobson 513-562-1110
Stage Manager: Carissa Gandenberger 513-562-1148
Technical Director + Facilities Manager: Scott Berkley
Company Manager: Dena D’Andrea 513-562-1134
Associate Director of Events: Rachel Hinger 513-562-1107
Wardrobe Supervisor: Noelle Wedig-Johnston 513-562-1104
First Wardrobe Assistant: Laura Hofmann 513-562-1104
Second Wardrobe Assistant: Jackie Andrews
Wig Master and Makeup Artist: James Geier
Master Carpenter: Scott Berkley
Master Electrician: Michael Meuché
Property Master: Danny Schultz
Assistant Carpenter: Jonathan Chevalier
Assistant Electrician: Derek Lee

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