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Garrett Smith

Program 2


Choreographed by Garrett Smith, the work delves into ideas about reflection and identity by dividing the stage in half and creating a mirror. The piece is set to selections from Vivaldi and melds the Baroque period with the modern world. The corps de ballet women — in gorgeously corseted red tutus are a stunning visual feast. “When I first thought about this piece, I wanted to do a piece where there were women on the floor in these bright-red tutus. I love the contrast of red and black on stage,” Smith recalled.

“I was also listening to a lot of Baroque music at the time. No matter the time period, human nature it’s the same. We all want to be seen, we all want to be loved, we all want attention. I wanted to create a ballet based on the other side that we all have — this alter ego, this duality.” Be prepared to be mesmerized by a brilliant combination of quick and slow movements, along with flawless synchronicity between dancers who mirror through the stage-splitting frame in a work that is clever, innovative, and breathtaking.

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