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Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy

CB Moves Early Withdrawal Form

Students wishing to withdraw from CB Moves must do so by formally submitting an Early Withdrawal Form to the Academy Administrative Office. Informing a teacher or failure to return to class does not qualify as formal notification of withdrawal. Students remain enrolled until the Early Withdrawal Form is received and approved.

As a reminder, families will continue to be responsible for the full price of annual tuition unless their student falls under any one of the following criteria:

  1. The registrant’s preferences change, and a Withdrawal Form is submitted to the Academy Office within the Winter Early Withdrawal Period, the first 2 weeks of 2024 (January 1 – 14).
  2. The registrant receives a new or updated medical diagnosis designating a serious illness, injury, or behavioral concern indicating it is medically or physically unsafe for them to remain in the program without significant jeopardy to their ongoing health, and a Withdrawal Form is submitted with a signed physician’s notice within four weeks of the onset of the condition. Minor illnesses or injuries allowing for the registrant to receive treatment and safely participate in part, virtually, or learn through observation do not apply.
  3. The registrant’s family relocates, and written notification is submitted with documentation of family relocation within four weeks of relocation.

Registrants qualifying for withdrawal in the above categories will be refunded or relieved of payments for the prorated amount of future classes following their withdrawal date. The prorated tuition for the time registrants were registered through their withdrawal date is nonrefundable in all circumstances. Registrants who do not submit withdrawal forms, who submit them outside the time frames indicated above, or who do not fall within the above criteria remain responsible for the full price of annual tuition.

To Withdraw, Please Complete and Submit Below