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Meet the camelot CHARACTER

November 04th, 2021

In Artistic Director Victoria Morgan’s King Arthur’s Camelot, war rages across the land. Armor-clad knights jousting on horseback in battle is one of the quintessential elements to telling this classic story. Morgan knew horses would be necessary to create the energy of the medieval period so critical to the Arthurian legend. Thanks to the magic of modern-day puppetry, dancers take on these challenging and unique equine roles. “I often am struck by the sum of elements that enables a puppet to come to life,” said puppet designer Eric Van Wyk, who conceived, created, and built the horses, as well as butterfly puppets, for Morgan’s Camelot. “The way I start my process of designing and building for puppetry is that I think about the human form, and I think about how the object can become an extension of the human form, so the emotion that the dancer provides can flow into the object. I’m also thinking of the intellectual side and the storytelling side of the creation, how do we imitate life or how do we bring a horse or a butterfly to life on stage?” Experience this magical production November 5-7 at Cincinnati Music Hall.

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