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Katherine Ochoa’s Promotion As A Soloist

January 17th, 2023

Katherine Ochoa began training in 2009 at the National School of Ballet in Cuba where she learned a vast repertoire of variations and won both gold and silver medals in the Havana International Ballet competition. She later joined the Cuban National Ballet and in 2019 had the opportunity to participate in the semifinals of YAGP in Chicago and won the Grand Prix Award. She moved on to participate in the semifinals of YAGP in New York where she placed in the top 12. As a member of the Corps de Ballet in Cuba she performed in GiselleSwan LakeCinderella, Don Quixote, and Umbral and she was quickly promoted to First Soloist. This is Ochoa’s second season with Cincinnati Ballet.

Hi Katherine, how are you?
I’m doing well, just got out of rehearsals for Alice (in wonderland).

That’s exciting! Congratulations on the new promotion, by the way!
Thank you so much!

And how long have you been with the Cincinnati Ballet?
I’ve been dancing with Cincinnati Ballet for a year now.

What has your experience been like since joining the company?
It’s been an incredible experience since I’ve been here; a little challenging for me because I needed to focus more on my contemporary, but I loved the challenge. But I feel great, mostly because I am surrounded by many talented individuals.

That’s amazing to hear! So, how are you feeling Katherine, being promoted recently as Soloist?
I’m definitely overwhelmed by all the support! And I’m also thrilled to have been rewarded for my hard work. I’m just very grateful and happy, and just really excited to continue working hard this year.

With you being part of the company for a year and now being promoted as a Soloist, you’re definitely a role model for a lot of young ballet dancers. As a role model, what advice can you share to the next generation of ballet dancers?
I would tell them that ballet is a career that requires a lot of sacrifice, but if it’s what you love, you have to keep working and striving every day to achieve those dreams. I would also tell them that it will not always be easy, but with desire, discipline, and hard work, they can get wherever they want to be in life.

That’s very inspiring, Katherine! Thank you for sharing that!
No problem at all.

Last question for you. As you know, this new season is coming and there’s a lot of exciting things happening this year. Can you tell us what you’re looking forward to the most?
There is a lot of exciting things happening this year, for sure. But I just can’t wait to be able to dance the new reps and performances this year. Having the opportunity to dance new pieces is so thrilling and I can’t wait to show what we have in store this year. Also, I’m just really excited to see myself grow as a dancer and to keep getting better at dancing.

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