Introducing Tiler Peck and Houston Thomas, the Rising Stars of Ballet

August 18th, 2023

The excitement builds as Cincinnati Ballet’s much-anticipated production, Kaplan New Works, MORE ROOM TO PLAY” takes center stage with Tiler Peck and Houston Thomas! Cincinnati Ballet is back with its first production for the season, presenting innovative performances that continue to shape Cincinnati’s dance culture

Experience the world premieres of two emerging choreographers, Tiler Peck and Houston Thomas, from September 15-24 at Aronoff Center for the Arts.

Tiler Peck: A Star is Born

Tiler Peck, a name synonymous with ballet excellence, embraces her role as a choreographer. Starting from the young age of seven, Peck swiftly gained prominence in America’s dance scene and continues to receive consistent praise for her passionate and dynamic artistry. Her most significant breakthrough was in 2009 when she was promoted to Principal Dancer at the New York City Ballet.

As a principal dancer with New York City Ballet, Peck has captivated audiences worldwide with mesmerizing techniques and expressive performances. Since then, her exceptional talent has propelled her to become a sought-after guest artist for prestigious ballet companies worldwide. Not only has she become an icon within the ballet world, but also an inspiring figure for dancers and enthusiasts alike.


A Transformative Season: tiler peck and Cincinnati ballet


As Cincinnati Ballet embarks on its 60th Diamond Anniversary Season, the announcement of Tiler Peck’s involvement as a choreographer has sent ripples of excitement throughout the dance community. Peck’s decision to collaborate with Cincinnati Ballet is a testament to the Company’s reputation and the thriving dance culture in the city.

Tiler Peck’s choreography captures her remarkable versatility as a performer. Critics and audiences celebrate her distinctive choreographic style, which features dynamic movements and compelling narratives. Set to music by Enrique Rangel Arroyo, Magos Herrera, and Brooklyn Rider, “Balderrama” conveys a seamless integration of music and emotion. This collaboration between Tiler Peck and Cincinnati Ballet elevates the company’s status and repertoire. Peck’s piece, titled “Balderrama” showcases the fusion of modern and traditional ballet that defines Cincinnati’s vibrant arts scene.

Houston Thomas: A Creative Force

Joining Peck on the stage for Cincinnati Ballet’s ‘Kaplan New Works, MORE ROOM TO PLAY’ is Houston Thomas. Hailing from Chicago, Thomas started his career with Joffrey Ballet’s Outreach Program. His journey continued at the School of American Ballet, where he joined the summer course in 2011 and was later invited to become a full-time student. In 2018, Thomas joined the Dresden Semperoper Ballett, achieving the position of second soloist.

Throughout his career, Thomas has established himself as a visionary artist and has also gained recognition as a talented choreographer. Thomas continues to showcase his choreographic talent through collaborations with many esteemed companies and artists such as ABT Studio Co., Hamptons Dance Project, Marcelo Gomes, Kanako Fujimoto, and Ballet San Antonio.

Collaborative Vision: Houston Thomas and Cincinnati Ballet


At the heart of Houston Thomas’ choreography lies the seamless integration of movement and music. His ability to harmonize the two allows him to craft performances that create a multisensory experience for the audience. Set to the mesmerizing melodies of Bohren & der Club of Gore and British musician cktrl, his work invites audiences into a world where sound and movement become one.

The inclusion of Houston Thomas’ artistic voice in Cincinnati Ballet’s repertoire is a significant and enriching contribution to the city’s vibrant dance culture. This collaboration promises to showcase the Company’s contemporary scene and offer an unforgettable experience for both dancers and audiences alike.

Unveiling More Room to Play with Tiler Peck and Houston Thomas

Prepare to be amazed by the world-premiere pieces presented by Peck and Thomas in Cincinnati Ballet’s production. Each composition and choreography is a unique masterpiece in its own right. Peck’s piece, “Balderrama”, is a contemporary dance set to Spanish music that showcases the versatility of Cincinnati Ballet’s dancers. Meanwhile, Thomas’s piece is a modern ballet masterpiece that explores his signature movement style, gravity-defying leaps, and high-energy score.

Rep 1 – More Room to Play (September 15-24)


Cincinnati audiences are in for a treat as these two extraordinary dance artists bring their artistry, passion, and dedication to the stage. And we haven’t even mentioned the other dances in the production, which are sure to be equally impressive.

This exceptional production promises to showcase the unique styles and artistry of these talented artists, along with other captivating performances. So, gather your ballet-loving friends, and witness the world premiere of Tiler Peck and Houston Thomas.

Experience Cincinnati Ballet’s ‘Kaplan New Works, MORE ROOM TO PLAY’ featuring world premieres by Tiler Peck and Houston Thomas. From September 15-24 at the Aronoff Center for the Arts Jarson-Kaplan Theater.

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