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Alice (in wonderland)’s dazzling first week in Cincinnati Music Hall

February 15th, 2023

Last Friday, Cincinnati Music Hall was transformed into a fantastical Wonderland as Alice (in wonderland) made its dazzling debut! Audiences from near and far – some even coming all the way from Alabama! – were captivated by Melissa Gelfin De-Poli’s and Katherine Ochoa’s spellbinding performance as Alice. Their performance was nothing short of spectacular – it truly brought the magic of the show to life! With a creative set design, talented dancers & crew behind them, ALICE (in wonderland)’s mesmerizing performance transforms this captivating story into a whimsical world – one we can’t wait for everyone else to explore too!

Over-The-Top Costumes

The costumes were definitely one of the highlights of the show, with each performer wearing something spectacular. Designed by Liz Vandal, the colorful costumes are certainly meant to be eye-catching from afar. The audience also had a chance to get involved by dressing up in fun costumes, with some even going as far as dressing up their little ones like Alice herself! With such creative outfits everywhere you looked, it certainly helped bring this amazing performance to life!

Breathtaking Performance

The show itself featured breathtaking performances by each dancer that left everyone mesmerized. From the opening act until the finale, each scene was filled with energy, passion and emotion that felt like nothing else. It felt like we were all transported into a world of make believe where anything is possible – a place so special that it will stay with us forever. At the heart of this beautiful show were two amazing performers, Melissa Gelfin De-Poli and Katherine Ochoa, who both delivered powerhouse performances as Alice. Each dancer brought something unique and powerful to their role in the show, which made it an even more memorable experience for everyone watching.

Magical Atmosphere

In addition, the set design for this performance was nothing short of spectacular. From the colorful backdrops where Alice first appears to the bright lights of Cheshire Cat’s Dreamland, each scene transported us into a world where anything is possible – just like how Lewis Carroll imagined it over 150 years ago. Accompanied with the beautiful and hauntingly melodic at times. The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra provided an ethereal backdrop to all the action on stage, creating a wonderful atmosphere for everyone in attendance.


All in all, last Friday’s opening night of Alice in Wonderland at Cincinnati Music Hall was one for the books. We are so honored that our audiences chose to spend their time with us and enjoyed every second of it! We especially want to thank all the families who traveled from near and far just to be there—especially all those who went above and beyond with their costume choices! It’s safe to say that this first week of Alice has been nothing short of magical, setting us up for what will surely be a successful run at Cincinnati Music Hall. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to get your tickets soon! This is one show you won’t want miss out on!

See Septime Webre’s colorful, humorous interpretation of alice (in wonderland). a visual feast with spectacular sets and over-the-top costumes, accompanied by a buoyant score from composer Matthew Pierce performed with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. 

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