What do Cincinnati Ballet dancers love most about Cincinnati?

February 13, 2019

Development Newsletter_Feb 2

Because there’s so much to love about the Queen City, we asked some of our dancers what they love most about Cincinnati. Here’s what they had to say:

“I love that Cincinnati is a conservative town with an open-minded edge.” – Cervilio Miguel Amador

“What I love most about Cincinnati is the FOOD! All the great restaurants, the breweries and of course, all the amazing people and friends I’ve made since living here. That’s the best part. It has the nicest people.”  Samantha Griffin

“There’s so much to love about my hometown: beautiful hills and parks, the awesome riverfront, amazing arts, ballet, opera, symphony, theater, museums, great food and sports! But I have to say my favorite thing is the incredible Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens!” – Serena Helene Hanavan

“A reason I love Cincinnati is for the hills! I’m from Sarasota, Florida, where I never really got above 30 feet over sea level!  The hills really stood out when I moved here.”  Matthew Griffin

“You get a chance to experience a lot of different aspects of the city the more time you spend here.  There’s a lot of really special things…the arts, great sports, restaurants.  The more I experience all of these aspects of Cincinnati, the more I love it.  I grew up in Philly, my favorite city, which will always be home.  However, I know that I’m finding “another home” here in Cincinnati.”  Melissa Gelfin


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