Victoria Simon: Repetiteur for ©The Balanchine Trust

March 2, 2016

Victoria Simon was one of the first dancers selected by George Balanchine to restage his ballets. Now, as Ballet Mistress for ©The George Balanchine Trust, she has staged over 25 of the master’s ballets for more than 80 companies on every continent in the world. Her love for the ballets and her respect for the choreography are evident in her stagings. With her eye for detail and her emphasis on musicality, she is one of the most sought-after and respected re-creators of George Balanchine’s masterpieces.

Ms. Simon began her study of ballet in New York City at the School of American Ballet and was a candy cane in Balanchine’s original production of The Nutcracker. At age 17, she became an apprentice with the new York City Ballet and a few months later, two days after her 18th birthday, she was invited to join the company. Ms. Simon went on to become a soloist before taking on the challenging role as Balanchine’s representative around the world. In 1981, she began to choreograph her own ballets and created works for Ballet Met, Nashville Ballet, Des Moines Ballet, Charleston Ballet Theatre, and a workshop at the School of American Ballet. She is also in great demand as a teacher of the Balanchine style and technique.

Watch our interview with Ms. Simon to learn more about staging Balanchine’s work around the world.

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