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Ballet dancer jumping mid air

2021-2022 Season

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Full-LENGTH Touring Reps

Dancers on stage with drums

The Nutcracker

A fiery sword fight

King Arthur’s Camelot

Dancer with broom


Romeo standing above a seemingly dead Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

The princess laying down

Sleeping Beauty

Peter Pan flying in Wendy's room

Peter Pan

Ballerina surrounded by dancers



Swan Lake

MIXED Touring Reps

Ain’t I a WomanMelissa Gelfin611 min.
BalanceHelen Pickett16 min.
Great American DreamArcadian Broad516 min.
HabitualHeather Britt26 min.
Ich bin Bel DirAmy Seiwert410 min.
KissStephanie Martinez932 min.
LimoncelloAnnabelle Lopez Ochoa813 min.
MyohoJennifer Archibald1020 min.
NeatTaylor Carrasco412 min.
PetalHelen Pickett810 min.
PursuitJennifer Archibald611 min.
Quattro a VerdiMichael Smuin415 min.
Quem Viver, VeraJennifer Archibald510 min.
RegardsTaylor Carrasco515 min.
SitJennifer Archibald1016 min.
SwivetAndrea Schermoly816 min.
Until TomorrowHeather Britt513 min.
UntitledGabriel Gaffney18 min.
When I Still Needed YouHeather Britt911 min.
Near LightMa Cong1020 min.
Then…NowTravis Wall1024 min.

Additional pieces, videos and imagery available upon request.

Two ballet dancers wearing white clothes on stage
Male and female ballet dancers a pose
Female ballet dancer using chair as a prop with leg in air
Ballet dancer thrown up in the air
Two balled dancers, one holding the other in the air
Two ballet dancers, one holding the other in the air on a stage
Group of Ballet dancers
Two ballet dancers, one pursuing the other
Danseur wearing white and tan pants
Two ballet dancers, woman has leg up in the air
Ballerino holding ballerina upside down diagonally in the air
Three danseurs with arms raised in air
4 dancers three standing one doing a lunge
Ballerino doing a hand stand above ballerina
Five ballet dancers at Balet in the Park
Ballet dancer jumping in the air
Man and woman ballet dancers facing each other their arms spread apart
Two dancers on stage