The Wizard of Oz: By the Numbers

October 3, 2019

From October 25 through November 3, there’s no place like the Aronoff Center for the Arts. Experience our spectacular production of The Wizard of Oz. With projection technology, puppetry, and flying effects, it’s unlike any ballet you’ve seen before.  To execute what you see on stage also takes a village of dancers, wardrobe crew, stagehands, flying crew, electricians, set and prop masters and, of course, the stage manager, who like the Wizard himself calls the shots from behind the curtain! Here’s a behind the scenes breakdown — by the numbers — of what it takes to create a full-length ballet version of The Wizard of Oz.

  • 40 Dancers: Main Company and Second Company CB2 Dancers
  • 46 Young Performers: 23 roles for kids, in 2 casts, for a total of 46 children performing character roles such as like grasshoppers and poppyseeds
  • 617 Individual Costume pieces
  • 100 Costume Changes
  • 106 Hats
  • 96 Shoes Dyed: 21 different colors per show
  • 43 Puppets: Flying Monkeys and of course, Toto
  • 509 Lighting Cues: The stage manager calls the lighting, sound, and scene change cues for a show. The cues control everything you see happening in a technical sense on stage. For all you technical wizards, that’s 425 LX cues and 84 spot cues.
  • 44 — Flying Cues: These cues are for a variety of characters including Dorothy, The Wizard, Glinda the Good Witch, Flying Monkeys, Professor Marvel, The Wicked Witch, and Miss Gulch

Choreographer: Septime Webre
Costume Designer: Liz Vandal
Music: Original Score by Matthew Pierce
Story lines and visual elements from the classic motion picture provided by Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures.




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