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Summer & Collegiate Intensive Early Withdrawal Form

Registrants desiring to withdrawal from Summer Intensive or Collegiate Intensive for any reason following registration must do so by submitting an Early Withdrawal Form to the Academy Administrative Office. Failure to attend or pay balances does not constitute withdrawal. No refunds or credit will be granted for missed classes for any reason. Students remain enrolled until the Early Withdrawal Form is received and approved.

All fees and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid. Students desiring to withdraw remain financially responsible for all payments made. Refunds of tuition or housing payments are only considered under the following circumstances:

(1) A new medical diagnosis of the registrant designating a major, unexpected and serious illness indicating it is medically unsafe for them to be present at the program. Minor illnesses allowing for registrants to safely participate in part, engage virtually, or learn through observation do not apply.
(2) A serious injury of the registrant requiring full abstention from all dance activity or extremely limited dance activity. Registrants with minor or ongoing injuries are not eligible for refunds and should attend, participate in activity they are medically cleared to engage in, and learn through observation (when necessary).
(3) The passing of an immediate family member.

Registrants who qualify under any of the three categories outlined above will be considered for partial or full refunds at the discretion of the Academy. Registrants in these categories are strongly encouraged to notify the Academy as soon as possible as early notification may allow for a greater refund amount. Housing refunds under the withdrawal criteria listed above will not be considered after May 15, 2023. Tuition refunds under the withdrawal criteria listed above will not be considered after June 1, 2023 (or June 15, 2023, for registrants participating exclusively in the second three-week session).

Withdrawals and refund requests must be made in writing and, in the event of illness or injury, must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. Any approved refunds will be processed through the original form of payment used. Under all circumstances, the registration fees and initial deposit payments remain non-refundable.

If the student is under the age of 18, the form below should be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

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