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The Sleeping Beauty

February 14-17
Music Hall

The princess awakens to true love’s kiss

Beautiful sets and costumes, dazzling dance, and a glorious score by Tchaikovsky will awaken your senses and transport you to a magical place where a beautiful sleeping princess is awakened by a kiss and good triumphs over evil. Children and adults alike will delight in this beloved full-length fairytale classic.


  • Classic Choreography

Devon Carney after Marius Petipa

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Cincinnati Ballet Dancers

Prologue – The Christening
King Florestan XXIV declares a grand christening ceremony to be held in honor of the birth of his daughter, Princess Aurora. Six fairies – Beauty, Charm, Generosity, Song, Temperament and the Lilac Fairy – are invited to the Christening to be godmothers to the child. As the fairies are granting their blessings upon the Princess, they are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of the wicked fairy Carabosse, who is outraged that the King neglected to invite her to the ceremony. Carabosse exacts her revenge by declaring a curse on Princess Aurora. On her 16th birthday she will prick her finger and die. But all is not lost: the Lilac Fairy has not yet granted her gift to the Princess. She offers a saving charm as her gift: Aurora will not die, but instead sleep for 100 years until she is awakened by the kiss of a prince with true love in his heart. Carabosse leaves in a rage, and the curtain falls as the King makes a proclamation that there be no knitting needles in the kingdom.

Act I – The Spell
Sixteen years later, the kingdom is celebrating Princess Aurora’s 16th birthday with a waltz danced by the villagers with garlands. Four royal suitors offer Aurora gifts of exquisite roses. Aurora then receives a spindle hidden in flowers as a gift from a disguised Carabosse. Innocently, she dances with the flowers, and accidentally pricks herself. She faints. Carabosse immediately reveals her true wicked self triumphantly, vanishing before the king can vanquish her. At that moment, the Lilac Fairy appears and reminds the guests and the King and Queen of her gift. Aurora will not die, but merely sleep. She then casts a spell of slumber upon the entire kingdom so that they will only awake when Aurora does.

Act II – The Awakening
One hundred years later, a despondent Prince Désiré is at a hunting party with his companions. His friends try to cheer him up with a series of dances. Still unhappy, he asks to be alone and the hunting party departs. Suddenly, Prince Désiré sees the Lilac Fairy, who presents him with a vision of Princess Aurora. Entranced by her beauty, the Prince pleads with the Lilac Fairy to bring him to see her. She takes him to the castle, which is now overgrown in thick vines. His first act is to defeat Carabosse. Once past her, the Prince finds Aurora and awakens her with a kiss, and the entire kingdom wakes up. The Prince then declares his love for Princess Aurora and proposes to her. The King and Queen are delighted to give their blessings.

Act III – The Vision
The kingdom prepares for the grand wedding. On the day of the festivities, many guests arrive to celebrate the occasion, including Lilac Fairy. Many fairytale characters are in attendance as well and dance in honor of the occasion. Princess Aurora and Prince Désiré dance a wedding pas de deux, and the Lilac Fairy blesses their marriage. And they lived happily ever after.

The Sleeping Beauty will run two and a half hours with one 20 minute intermission.

Join us before the performance in the theater for the opportunity to meet choreographers, dancers, and members of the creative team. For admission to Meet the Artist, please present your Sleeping Beauty ticket.

– February 14 at 6:45 PM – Hear from Artistic Director Victoria Morgan, Choreographer Devon Carney, & Aurora
– February 15 at 7:15 PM – Hear from Artistic Director Victoria Morgan, Ballet Master Ogulcan Borova, & Aurora
– February 16 at 1:15 PM – Hear from Artistic Director Victoria Morgan, Ballet Master Ogulcan Borova, & Aurora

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