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Peter Pan

October 25-28
Music Hall

For everyone who never wants to grow up

Carmon DeLeone’s original composition celebrates his 50th anniversary with Cincinnati Ballet.

Take flight to exotic lands with this full-length ballet based upon J.M. Barrie’s famous tale. The classic story is filled with pixie dust, Lost Boys, Captain Hook, swashbuckling pirates, a very hungry crocodile, and – of course – Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up. Playful fun for the young at heart, Peter Pan is certain to thrill the child in us all.


  • Classical choreography
  • Flying & magic
  • Comedic moments
  • A dancing crocodile!

Septime Webre – Septime Webre is an internationally recognised ballet director, choreographer, educator and advocate. He assumed artistic directorship of Hong Kong Ballet from July 2017, prior to that, he led The Washington Ballet for 17 years and the American Repertory Ballet from 1993-1999. In addition, Webre is the Artistic Director of Halcyon, an annual international Festival for Creativity in Washington DC.As a choreographer, Webre has worked with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Colorado Ballet, Ballet West, and many others, and he has worked frequently in theatre and opera. As a dancer, Webre danced solo and principal roles from the classical repertoire as well as in contemporary works by Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor and Merce Cunningham. He has served on the juries of international ballet competitions in Varna, New York, Seoul, and elsewhere. He has served on the board of Dance/USA. He holds a degree in History/Pre-Law from the University of Texas, and is the 7th son in a Cuban-American family.

Act I
Scene 1: The Darling Home

As the curtain rises in the Darling nursery, John and Michael are fighting a pirates’ duel when Wendy and Nana, the dog, join in the commotion. Mr. and Mrs. Darling and Liza, the maid, come in to wish the children goodnight.

Suddenly, a chilly wind blows the window open and Tinkerbell flies in, scattering her fairy dust around the room. She is quickly followed by Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. Peter is looking for his shadow, which he thinks he lost there a long time ago. After a search, Peter finds his shadow, but when he tries to put it on, it won’t stick. Wendy awakens and, seeing his dilemma, sews his shadow on with a needle and thread.

When the boys wake up, Peter teaches the children to fly. They soar around the room and then fly out the window toward Never Never Land – “past the second star on the right and straight on ‘til morning.”

Scene 2: Never Never Land
Arriving in Never Never Land, Peter, Tinkerbell and her coterie of fairies fly through the trees as Peter and the Darling children encounter the Lost Boys who think Wendy is a bird and shoot her with a bow and arrow. Tinkerbell heals Wendy with her fairy magic and they all dance and celebrate.

When the pirates march onto the scene led by Peter’s enemy, Captain Hook, the group scatters. The pirates are looking for a fight with Peter, but run when they hear a ticking sound. They know that is the crocodile that swallowed a clock. Captain Hook is terrified because this is the same crocodile that ate his hand.

Soon, Tiger Lily and the Indian Maidens appear in the moonlight and the pirates surprise them and capture Tiger Lily. Seeing her distress, Peter disguises himself as a nymph to distract Captain Hook and then successfully rescues Tiger Lily. The Lost Boys and Indians celebrate while Captain Hook vows revenge.

Act II
Scene 1: The Lost Boys’ Home Under Ground

As Wendy reads a bedtime story to John, Michael and the Lost Boys, the evil pirates creep in and capture them. The pirates take their captives to the ship, the Jolly Roger. Frantic about this turn of events, Tinkerbell alerts Peter of their capture.

Scene 2: The Jolly Roger
The pirates dance aboard ship and threaten to make the children walk the gangplank. Peter flies in to save them and a swordfight ensues. Peter and the Lost Boys are victorious and Captain Hook is pushed overboard, much to the glee of his enemy, the crocodile. Wendy becomes homesick and realizes she and her brothers can’t remain children forever and must return home. Peter claims he’ll never grow up. Wendy and the Darling boys fly home.

Scene 3: The Darling Home
Mr. and Mrs. Darling are grief stricken over the disappearance of their children when suddenly they appear, and there is a joyful reunion. As Wendy looks back, she sees Peter through the window and realizes the child within her will always remain.

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Peter Pan
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Peter Pan
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