Director’s Choice 2015

Groundbreaking Female Choreographers

Custom curated for Cincinnati audiences, Director’s Choice celebrates four of the most talented contemporary female choreographers today and features a world premiere by Jennifer Archibald! “When we think of dance we so often assume it is a female-oriented profession. But the truth is women are significantly underrepresented in the choreographic and leadership realms of professional ballet. There are many deserving women choreographers with bold and unique voices whose work rarely sees the stage. My hope is that in some grassroots way, as a prominent midrange ballet company, we can influence the future of women leadership in our art form.”  – Victoria Morgan


World Premiere

Jennifer Archibald, the founder and artistic director of New York City’s acclaimed Arch Dance Company, pulls from a variety of influences to boldly and seamlessly infuse ballet with nuances of hip hop. This combination of hip hop with classical aesthetic in movement greatly influences her musical scores, which she often custom engineers to include an assortment of compositions. Described as “…voluptuous…fiery…sensual…” by the Cincinnati Enquirer, her brilliant piece Sit was met with reverence and awe by Cincinnati audiences last season as part of The Kaplan New Works Series. Archibald returns with a world premiere piece, choreographed exclusively for Cincinnati Ballet.


Back by popular demand, Heather Britt’s tense and sensuous pas de deux returns after debuting in the 2013 Kaplan New Works Series. Habitual is a duet about feeling stuck and the attraction that we have as humans to repeat what is familiar. Britt is the creator and director of the energetic and popular DANCEFIX (formerly Rhythm and Motion), and her work has been featured many times in The Kaplan New Works Series. She has established a devoted following with Cincinnati audiences as her choreography exudes an energy of fearless confidence and innovation, anticipated year after year.

A Solo in Nine Parts

Jessica Lang is the founder of New York City based dance company Jessica Lang Dance (JLD). Her Solo in Nine Parts is raw, modern and refreshingly stripped-down. Featuring nine performers on a bare stage and set to a Vivaldi violin concerto, Lang’s piece is beautifully and ingeniously crafted to showcase the true talent and athleticism of the dancers.

Cylindrical Shadows

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa created Cylindrical Shadows after the loss of a close friend, in exploration of the themes of life and death. Her choreography moves through darkness to a place of peace and hope, revealing the resilience of the human spirit in the face of tragedy. According to Lopez, “There is no difference between life and death; they are not opposites, as we are taught to believe. They are both a part of a single continuum, the continuum of life.”


  • All female choreographers
  • Four different pieces
  • One world premiere
  • Contemporary choreography

World Premiere: Jennifer Archibald
Habitual: Heather Britt
A Solo in Nine Parts: Jessica Lang
Cylindrical Shadows: Anabelle Lopez Ochoa

Jennifer Archibald’s World Premiere: TBD
Habitual: Music by Gabriel Gaffney Smith
A Solo in 9 Parts: Music by Antonio Vivaldi
Cylindrical Shadows: Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Henry Purcell, David van Bouwel

Cincinnati Ballet Company Dancers
Jennifer Archibald’s World Premiere: TBD
Habitual Costume Design: Diana Adams and Heather Britt
Habitual Lighting Design: Trad A Burns
A Solo in 9 Parts Costume Design: Lisa Choules
A Solo in 9 Parts Lighting Design: Kirk Bookman
Cylindrical Shadows Costume Design: Christine Joly De Lotbiniere
Cylindrical Shadows Lighting Design: Michael Mazzola

Director's Choice Performance Schedule

Meet the Artists

8:00 pm

  • Aronoff Center for the Arts

Saturday, April 30, 2016

2:00 pm

  • Aronoff Center for the Arts

Saturday, April 30, 2016

8:00 pm

  • Aronoff Center for the Arts

History in the Making

Despite the fact that a majority of ballet dancers are women, positions as choreographers are still predominantly held by men. As one of only a handful of female Artistic Directors & CEOs in ballet, Victoria Morgan has flipped the status-quo for Director’s Choice by exclusively featuring groundbreaking female choreographers. For the first time ever, Cincinnati Ballet will present four works created by women during a main stage performance at the Aronoff!

“In terms of a broad introduction to the company, there was no better demonstration of the dancer’s first rate talents, skills and abilities than this particular concert…”


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