Mozart’s Requiem

Catharsis through dance.

From Cincinnati Ballet’s resident choreographer Adam Hougland comes the moving Mozart’s Requiem. Hougland’s exploration of mortality, told in a series of compelling, achingly realistic vignettes, is underscored by the fact that Mozart died before completing his famous Requiem Mass in D Minor.
Yet from darkness comes light: the characters journey from grief and loss towards acceptance and hope, leaving us all having finally embraced the ultimate unknown. In its 2010 world premiere, created for Cincinnati Ballet, Mozart’s Requiem was praised by the Cincinnati Enquirer as being “audacious and challenging and thought-provoking. Most important, it is a rich and important addition to the Cincinnati Ballet repertory.”


  • Modern choreography
  • Realistic vignettes
  • Vocals by Xavier University Concert Choir
  • Mozart’s beautiful Requiem Mass in D Minor
  • Mature content (interpretations of violence and self harm)

Adam Hougland

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed by Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Carmon DeLeone, accompanied by Xavier University Concert Choir

Passing on tradition through Mozart’s Requiem

Dawn Kelly, former dancer, returns to help set the ballet.

Dawn Kelly graced the stage of Cincinnati Ballet’s World Premiere of Mozart’s Requiem in 2010, shortly before retiring from the stage. With Mozart’s Requiem back for the 2014 – 2015 season, she has returned to help the company perfect this unique piece of the Cincinnati Ballet repertory. Hear about her transition from dancer to repetiteur, and the weight of responsibility that comes with passing company traditions on to the next generation.

“Adam Hougland has created a full-length ballet that exposes emotions you only face in the most tragic of circumstances… It’s about struggle; but, ultimately, it’s about survival. “

Cincinnati Refined

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