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2013 – 2014 Performances

The Kaplan New Works Series [4 World Premieres]
September 12-22, 2013
Choreography: Heather Britt, Val Caniparoli, Jodie Gates, James Kudelka, Gina Patterson
Music: Various

The much-anticipated September opener of Cincinnati Ballet’s season, now in its ninth year, New Works has become renowned for shining the spotlight on groundbreaking choreographers, presenting their works in the intimate Mickey Jarson Kaplan Performance Studio at Cincinnati Ballet Center to rapt, often sold-out crowds. Powerful, emotive dancing is presented mere feet from the audience, a perspective that lends itself to the better appreciation of the dancers’ sheer talent and magnitude of humanity being expressed.

2013-2014 brings the return of the wildly popular The Man in Black. Choreographed by James Kudelka, The Man in Black is a moving revelation about the human experience, set to six covers performed by the inimitably heart-wrenching Johnny Cash.

Rhythm & Motion director Heather Britt debuts a world premiere, as does Val Caniparoli, familiar to Cincinnati audiences as the choreographer of Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker from 2001-2011. World-recognized Jodie Gates and Gina Patterson also bring world premieres to the open stage of New Works.

Swan Lake
October 25-27, 2013
Choreography: Devon Carney, Gerard Charles and Victoria Morgan after Petipa/Ivanov
Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Carmon DeLeone

The tragically evocative love story of mistaken identity and retribution, Swan Lake, returns to Cincinnati Ballet once more in a tour de force collaboration with BalletMet Columbus. Choreographed after the Petipa/Ivanov original by Artistic Director & CEO Victoria Morgan, Devon Carney and Gerard Charles, Swan Lake combines two of Ohio’s great ballet houses for an awe-inspiring presentation of balletic precision and dramatic expression. Swan Lake will be performed in Columbus, OH the weekend of October 18-20, and October 25-27 in Cincinnati. The soaring, provocative score, composed by the legendary Tchaikovsky, is brought to life at the Aronoff Center for the Arts by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker
December 20-29, 2013
Choreography: Victoria Morgan
Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Carmon DeLeone

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker. The tradition returns for the ultimate family experience including stunning sets and costumes, and Tchaikovsky’s melodious score, played by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The beloved story of Clara and her nutcracker doll turned handsome prince is the dream-like adventure we cherish with loved ones season after season.

King Arthur’s Camelot [World Premiere]
February 13-16, 2014
Choreography: Victoria Morgan
Original Musical Composition: John Estacio
Dramaturge: Eda Holmes
Costumes: Sandra Woodall
Set Design: Joe Tilford
Puppet Design: Erik Van Wyk
Projection Design: John Boesche
Lighting Design: Trad A Burns

Live music performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Carmon DeLeone

The highlight of our 50th Season comes in February when we bring you a major, world premiere ballet based on the legendary tale of King Arthur’s Camelot. The brand-new work includes costumes by Sandra Woodall, one of the dance world’s most sought-after designers, an original musical composition by John Estacio and sets by Joe Tilford, familiar to Cincinnati audiences through his long-time relationship with Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Complete with magic, projections, puppets, jousting and all things Camelot, this will be Cincinnati Ballet’s biggest full-length ballet adventure in decades.

Boléro and Symphony in C
March 28-29, 2014
Choreography: Boléro, Victoria Morgan; Symphony in C, George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust; Wunderland [Cincinnati Premiere], Edwaard Liang
Music: Boléro by Maurice Ravel; Symphony in C by Georges Bizet; performed by Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra, conducted by Carmon DeLeone; Wunderland, Philip Glass

Returning for the third time to Cincinnati Ballet by popular demand, Boléro is the most famous of composer Maurice Ravel’s works. Choreographed by Morgan, Boléro builds musically upon a steady drum line, with solitary, seductive instrumentation taking the spotlight. The dancing runs in perfect parallel, as Boléro shows the progression of young dance students to accomplished corps members to flawless principals. Morgan tailors each production of Boléro to the current company, ensuring that the respective strengths and unique talents of each dancer is fully realized and celebrated. Boléro is a true testament to talent and growth.

Wunderland, performed for Cincinnati audiences by BalletMet Columbus, is a neoclassical piece choreographed by BalletMet’s own newly-appointed artistic director Edwaard Liang, and set to the music of acclaimed minimalist composer Philip Glass. Premiering in 2009, Wunderland takes Liang’s signature fluidity and creativity and combines them with crisp articulation and technique for a work of both intriguing tension and harmony.

Created by world-renowned choreographer George Balanchine, Symphony in C is set to composer Georges Bizet’s once-lost Symphony in C. This classical ballet is the epitome of the marriage of movement to music on stage, and is filled with Balanchine’s appreciation of lines and structure. Four movements compose Symphony in C, each one varying in intensity, tone and theme, coming together for the impressive grand finale. New York Times critic Alastair Macaulay describes Symphony in C as “the most exhilarating piece in world repertory.” Both Cincinnati Ballet and BalletMet dancers will perform Symphony in C.

Ballet Toybox
March 30, 2014
Continuing for a third season, Ballet Toybox offers the perfect opportunity to introduce young children to the joy of dance. The program features CBII (Cincinnati Ballet’s Second Company) in a mix of ballet and storybook classics. Performances include excerpts from Boléro and Carnival of Animals, the Carousel Waltz, an exciting contemporary piece choreographed by Heather Britt, set to the rousing Afrobeat music of Fela Kuti and from the beloved Swan Lake, the impressive Four Little Swans. At under an hour and only $20 a ticket, Ballet Toybox is an interactive adventure where you will learn about the essential elements that make up the beauty, humor and inspiring discipline of dance with a range of excerpts from the treasure chest of exciting ballets.
But hurry–there’s only one opportunity to see it!

Cincinnati Ballet & Over the Rhine Live
April 25-26, 2014
Choreography: Jodie Gates, Missy Lay Zimmer & Andrew Hubbard and Adam Hougland
Music: Over the Rhine, performing live on stage

Hometown heroes Over the Rhine bring their patented brand of passion to Cincinnati Ballet’s 2013-2014 Season finale, Cincinnati Ballet & Over the Rhine Live.

“This company’s identity is all about experimenting with new ideas,” says Artistic Director & CEO Victoria Morgan. “Pairing these soulful songwriters and their passionate lyricism with Cincinnati Ballet dancers stretches our art form beyond the beauty and power of precise technique. It stretches us to express passion, invite new audiences and challenge preconceptions of what ‘ballet’ means.”

Critically acclaimed and warmly welcomed by audiences during their last collaborative effort in 2011 entitled Infamous Love Songs, Cincinnati Ballet & Over the Rhine Live promises to captivate audiences yet again.

2012 – 2013 Performances

The Kaplan New Works Series
Cincinnati Ballet Center
September 6-16, 2012
Choreography: Heather Britt, Paige Cunningham Caldarella, Jessica Lang, Amy Seiwert
Music: Various
Each September, on the edge of Cincinnati’s downtown, audiences gather in an intimate performance studio prepared for the unexpected. As the lights go down and they settle in, anticipation hangs in the air, but no one knows what will come next.

The Kaplan New Works Series is an innovative laboratory of dance that offers the rare opportunity to see the next big ballet before it’s the next big ballet. It’s an intimate experiment that puts you so close to the action you can almost touch it. Previous incarnations have included James Kudelka’s The Man in Black, set to the music of Johnny Cash, sultry works by Missy Lay Zimmer and Andrew Hubbard, and unique collaborations of music, movement and performance art. This year, with a focus on female choreographers, the possibilities are boundless.

ALICE (in wonderland)
Music Hall
October 26-28, 2012

Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker
Aronoff Center for the Arts
December 14-23, 2012
Choreography: Victoria Morgan
Set Design: John Ezell
Costume Design: Carrie Robbins
Lighting Design: Trad A Burns
Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Carmon DeLeone

When young girls dream they discover the most fantastic of places.

Visually decadent and with surprises around every corner, Clara takes us on a journey through battling kitchen mice and a storm of snowflakes to arrive at a Land of Sweets that will surely defy even the highest of expectations. Revel in the joy and wonder that comes only once a year with a new tradition that is extravagant, comical and overflowing with holiday spirit.

From the imagination of Artistic Director and CEO Victoria Morgan, comes a festive classic boldly reenvisioned uniquely for Cincinnati. Following the astounding success of its world premiere in 2011, this holiday season Morgan may prove to have a few new tricks up her sleeve.

Romeo & Juliet
Aronoff Center for the Arts
February 14-16, 2013
Choreography: Victoria Morgan
Music: Sergei Prokofiev, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Carmon DeLeone

All it took was a look from across the room, and thus began the greatest love story of all time. Nearly 420 years later, the story of star-crossed lovers has not waned in its ability to captivate audiences as they witness the unfolding of a great romance destined for the grave. Despite its tragic end, you will be swept away by the beauty and purity of sidelong glances, stolen moments and lingering embraces while hoping for a different fate.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Shakespeare’s young lovers in an opulent production of dance, drama and Prokofiev’s gorgeous score. It’s sure to set your heart astir.

Prodigal Son and Extremely Close
Aronoff Center for the Arts
March 22-23, 2013
Choreography: George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust
Music: Sergei Prokofiev, performed by Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra, conducted by Carmon DeLeone

Every once in awhile a story comes along that serves as a thankful reminder of unconditional love. Prodigal Son stands as an enduring testament to the redemptive grace of a father’s love and the power of forgiveness as a wayward son finds his way back home.

As told by the greatest choreographer of the 20th century, George Balanchine, Prodigal Son is a true masterpiece.

Ballet Toybox
Aronoff Center for the Arts
March 24, 2013
One Performance Only! Special Family Series!
Cincinnati Ballet digs into our own treasure chest of ballet and storybook classics to bring you delightful favorites featuring our CBII Company that are sure to make you laugh, smile and get you moving. At under an hour and just $20 a ticket, Ballet Toybox is a great way to introduce children to the joy of dance and experience the arts with the whole family.

CEO & Artistic Director Victoria Morgan and Cincinnati Ballet’s Director of Education Julie Sunderland take you on an interactive journey into the essential elements that make up the beauty, humor and inspiring discipline of dance. This year’s performance features excerpts from Swan Lake, ALICE (in wonderland), Peter Pan, Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Sleeping Beauty. But hurry – there’s only one opportunity to see it!

Frampton & Cincinnati Ballet Live
Aronoff Center for the Arts
April 26-27, 201
Choreography: Devon Carney, Adam Hougland, Missy Lay Zimmer and Andrew Hubbard

Music: Peter Frampton

From time to time, a ballerina has to let loose – let her hair down, toss the tutu and show she’s not just sweetness in pink tights. There’s a side to Cincinnati Ballet that you may not have seen yet. Join us for a season closer that turns up the volume and ditches the tiaras in an unforgettable event featuring live music by none other than legendary artist Peter Frampton. With three choreographic premieres and a new composition created just for the occasion by the Grammy winning guitarist, it’s likely to be the event of the season.

2011 – 2012 Performances

The Kaplan New Works Series
September 8 – 18, 2011 | Cincinnati Ballet Center
Choreographers: Heather Britt, James Kudelka, Adam Hougland, Johanna Wilt, Missy Lay Zimmer and Andrew Hubbard

The Kaplan New Works Series is Cincinnati Ballet’s annual contribution to the world of dance. This season-opening production consistently brings audacious new artistic movement to the studio stage.

October 28 – 29, 2011 | Music Hall
Choreographer: Devon Carney, after Marius Petipa

Music: Adolphe Adam, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Cincinnati Ballet honors the long history of classical ballet with this important classical tragedy. The story is based on the German legend about Wilis, women who had been betrayed by their betrothed and died before marrying. The ethereal virgins haunt graveyards, enacting revenge on men who cross their paths. The peasant girl Giselle goes mad after falling in love with Albrecht, an aristocrat who deceives her. The story of betrayal, forgiveness and love that transcends death ends in a graveyard, an eerie but fitting setting for Halloween weekend. Although she has become a ghostly Wili herself, Giselle fights to protect her beloved from the other Wilis who have ordered him to “dance until you die.”

The New Nutcracker
December 15 – 24, 2011 | Aronoff Center for the Arts
Choreography: Victoria Morgan

Music: Tchaikovsky, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

It’s the world premiere of the decade and a crowning achievement for Victoria Morgan in her 15th season as Artistic Director and 4th season as CEO of Cincinnati Ballet. Morgan has been dancing, choreographing, performing, staging, promoting, listening to and watching The Nutcracker since she herself first performed in the classic ballet at age 8. Now, Morgan presents a gift to Cincinnati: a Nutcracker that is all her own creation. This newly imagined version of the Nutcracker features Cincinnati Ballet company dancers and more than 140 young ballet students and gymnasts.

February 10 – 11 & 17 – 18, 2012 | Aronoff Center for the Arts
Choreography: Amedeo Amodio

Music: Georges Bizet, performed by the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra

French musician Georges Bizet composed the melodic score that is replete with familiar favorites from this famous opera that will accompany the ballet and will be played live by the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra. Italian choreographer Amedeo Amodio choreographed the theatrical and gutsy story of a brash beauty who fiercely guards her independence and

the two men obsessed with possessing her. The movement is framed by large scenic moving panels that shift with mood and scene changes, all lit by special effects and prescient shadows. The costuming is a blend of classic and contemporary lines where strict military discipline contrasts the sensual swirl of Spanish skirts. Amodio’s renowned, bold and sweeping style bring scenic design, special lighting and brazen storytelling into a coalesced triumph.

Ballet Toybox
February 18, 2012 | Aronoff Center for the Arts
For one performance only, Cincinnati Ballet offers a diverse program of classical and contemporary ballet selections designed to delight families and introduce children to ballet. At 50 minutes and $25 per ticket, Ballet Toybox is an easy and affordable way to experience Cincinnati Ballet with the whole family.

Rite of Spring
March 16 – 17, 2012 | Aronoff Center for the Arts
Choreography: Adam Hougland, resident choreographer

Music: Igor Stravinsky, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Cincinnati Ballet Resident Choreographer Adam Hougland returns with his design partner Marion Williams. Their choreography and design for Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring premiered at the Louisville Ballet in 2009. Williams and Hougland honor the composition’s provocative history by creating a bold and daring world, expressing not a reverence of nature, but the dire consequences of turning one’s back on it. “After creating Rite of Spring, I found I love Stravinsky for what he forces out of me. The music is intricate, detailed and beautiful in places yet shrill, atonal and bizarre in others,” says Hougland. “It pushes me as a choreographer. It’s not the kind of music I would play at home. It’s hard work, but the more I work with it, the more I fall in love.”

March 16 – 17, 2012 | Aronoff Center for the Arts
Choreography: Val Caniparoli

Music: Franz Schubert’s Symphony No. 2 in B Flat, D. 125, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Cincinnati Ballet rounds out the March series with a presentation of Vivace, Val Caniparoli’s simply elegant, non-narrative nod to ballet classicism. Caniparoli says, “I was commissioned to create this abstract work that related directly to the quality and style of music.” The ballet concludes as the entire company takes the stage in a final climactic moment of glorious fireworks.

Oneself Perceived [World Premiere]
March 16 – 17, 2012 | Aronoff Center for the Arts
Choreography: Emmy-nominated Stacey Tookey, featured on So You Think You Can Dance?

Music: Olafur Arnalds

This new work focuses on fear and humanity’s twisted connection to this complex yet necessary emotion. Abstract, but intensely personal, Tookey explores our vast range of responses to fear, personified by the male dancers throughout the piece, as the women must decide whether they will conquer fear or if fear will conquer them.

April 27 – 29, 2012 | Aronoff Center for the Arts
Choreography: Victoria Morgan

Music: Carmon DeLeone, performed by the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra

Cincinnati Ballet premiered its homegrown classic Princess & the Pea in 1998. Choreographed by Morgan with music by DeLeone, this family treat combines storytelling dance and slapstick comedy to weave a narrative about the unassuming young woman who discovers, after a fitful night on a mountain of blankets, that she is a princess. Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra performs under the devoted baton of Maestro DeLeone. Families will delight in this whimsical and fun fairytale.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier
Choreography: Devon Carney

Music: Georges Bizet, performed by the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra

As part of this enchanting double bill, Cincinnati Ballet presents Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale about a tin soldier’s long journey and unfaltering love for a paper ballerina. Devon Carney brings the story to life with world premiere choreography to music by Georges Bizet.

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