How do they do that?

Academy Nutcracker Performances

Development Newsletter_Dec 6[1]Think you’ve seen every version of The Nutcracker that Cincinnati Ballet has produced over the years? If you’re only thinking about the big, full Company productions, that’s only part of The Nutcracker story at Cincinnati Ballet.

Each year, the Otto M. Budig Academy presents its own mini-version of The Nutcracker at the Cincinnati Ballet studios, complete with Academy students on stage and refreshments and activities for the families of Academy students that attend the performances. The 45-minute program is costumed, but actually utilizes unique choreography than that in the full Company Music Hall version.

“This variation on the holiday classic serves an incredibly important role by providing many of our students who have outgrown the children’s roles in the main Company production the opportunity to perform this beloved ballet. It’s an annual benchmark of their technical and artistic progress, and an opportunity to perform for their peers. Its abbreviated length also makes it perfect for little ones who might have trouble sitting through a full-length production,” commented Ginger Johnson, Vice President of Academy & Education.

“Beyond the performance opportunity, the event, hosted by the Academy Parents Association, also serves as a forum to build community and to celebrate our students outside the studio,” Johnson noted.

The “Academy Nutcracker” premiered several years ago with just two performances each season. However, due to its popularity, those performances have now doubled to four, and it sold out again this year!


At this joyous time of the year, it’s nice to know that the beauty of The Nutcracker can still reach even more people through programs such as the Academy Nutcracker.  And, that includes both the littlest ones and those talented Academy students who might just be ready to take the next leap in their dance evolution.

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