Hope after Death – Cylindrical Shadows

April 6, 2016

“It takes a while to let go,” says Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, choreographer of Cylindrical Shadows. “Once they pass away, it takes time… to accept that this phone number doesn’t exist anymore. You know you have to let go, but the phone number, the messages… you’re still keeping it.”

For Ochoa, there’s more to death than simply the pain of loss. Five years ago she received a call that her close friend and dance partner had suddenly passed away. Alone, yet surrounded by strangers on the train, she felt caught in a moment, unable to react. Moving forward, but stuck in thoughts of the past. Like any great artist, she reflected and crafted something beautiful from her pain. Hear about that process in this interview with Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, then come see Cylindrical Shadows during Cincinnati Ballet’s Director’s Choice, April 29 & 30.

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