Jorge Rullán

Ponce, Puerto Rico | Trainee | Joined Cincinnati Ballet in 2015

Originally from Puerto Rico, Jorge Rullán moved to Philadelphia at age 11 and began training at Philadelphia Dance Theatre at 15 under the direction of Joy Delaney Capponi. Rullán has danced roles such as Arabian and the Nutcracker/Prince in The Nutcracker, the Tin Man in Joy Capponi’s original ballet, The Wizard of Oz. He has also performed leading roles in original works by Gary Jeter, Patricia Brown, Ruka White and Melissa Chisena.  In 2013, Rullán was awarded a scholarship to attend The National Choreography Intensive in Utah as well as The Jonathan Phelps award in the 2014 Regional Dance America. He joined Festival Ballet Providence as a trainee for the 1415 season during which he made his first professional choreographic debut, 3·23, and created a piece for their end-of-season gala in just 5 hours! He also performed in The NutcrackerScheherazade, and Études.

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Touchet will never forget her 19th birthday. That was the day Victoria Morgan came to Pacific Northwest Ballet, to audition Touchet’s professional division. “Directors from everywhere auditioned us, but nobody ever picked me,” she says. “I remember thinking she wouldn’t like me anyway, so I told myself to just have fun, and after it was over, she said, ‘I’d like to talk to Janessa’.” Crossed wires with communicating Touchet’s acceptance of Morgan’s apprenticeship offer led to a planned spot with Memphis Ballet, but Morgan called one last time and Touchet was able to come to Cincinnati Ballet instead. “It was meant to be here. I started as an Apprentice and moved all the way through the ranks. I had always had my heart and mind set on Cincinnati Ballet.”

Professional History

  • Philadelphia Dance Theatre School (2011-2014)
  • Festival Ballet Providence: Trainee (2014-2015)
  • Cincinnati Ballet: Trainee

Competitions and Awards

  • The Jonathan Phelps Award at Regional Dance America (2014)
  • Scholarship to the National Choreography Intensive (2013)

“3:23 is the choreographic debut of FBP trainee dancer Jorge Rullán. His age – 19 years old – belies a simmering talent, and this piece may very well presage a budding future as a choreographer.” – golocalprov.com

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