Edward Gonzalez Kay

First Soloist | Havana, Cuba | Joined Cincinnati Ballet in 2017

Edward Gonzalez Kay is from Havana, Cuba and began his ballet training at the Elemental Cuban Ballet School and The National Cuban Ballet School in Havana, Cuba. He graduated in 2007 after completing 8 years of training there. He started as a Trainee in 2008 with the National Cuban Ballet Company and was promoted to a Corps member shortly after. During the 2012-2013 Season Gonzalez was promoted to a coryphée. Over the course of his 6 years with the Company, he had the opportunity of touring to The United States, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and Brasil. In 2013, Gonzalez joined the Sarasota Ballet as a Soloist and was promoted to Principal Dancer for the 2016-2017 Season. While a member of the Sarasota Ballet, he toured to Jacobs Pillow to perform in the 2014 Dance festival, and New York City in 2015 to perform at the Joyce Theater.

Gonzalez joined Cincinnati Ballet in 2017 as a First Soloist. Some highlights from the past two seasons include Victoria Morgan’s Romeo and Juliet as “Tybalt” and The Nutcracker as “Cavalier,” Nicolo Fonte’s Carmina Burana, Jerome Robbin’s Fancy Free, Justin Peck’s Murder Ballades, Adam Hougland’s Firebird, and Devon Carney’s The Sleeping Beauty.

“Some of my favorite performances include George Balanchine’s Jewels, Who Cares, and Rudolf Nureyev’s Raymonda Act II.”

Sponsors: Linda & Gary Greenberg

Touchet will never forget her 19th birthday. That was the day Victoria Morgan came to Pacific Northwest Ballet, to audition Touchet’s professional division. “Directors from everywhere auditioned us, but nobody ever picked me,” she says. “I remember thinking she wouldn’t like me anyway, so I told myself to just have fun, and after it was over, she said, ‘I’d like to talk to Janessa’.” Crossed wires with communicating Touchet’s acceptance of Morgan’s apprenticeship offer led to a planned spot with Memphis Ballet, but Morgan called one last time and Touchet was able to come to Cincinnati Ballet instead. “It was meant to be here. I started as an Apprentice and moved all the way through the ranks. I had always had my heart and mind set on Cincinnati Ballet.”

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Photography: Peter Mueller

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