For Your New Routine

March 25, 2020

Start by hosting a mini ballet class right in your living room. Be sure to warm up first by bending, flexing, stretching, and pointing. Follow the instructor and learn a few basic ballet moves. The more you practice, the better you’ll be!

Dancers must be able to move one part of their body at a time which makes rhythm very important. See if you can keep the rhythm!

It’s time to get your whole body moving, dance however you please, but don’t forget to stop when we say FREEZE!

Your student has warmed up, taken class, and now they are ready to perform! Follow along to dance like a Swan, like the ballerinas in Swan Lake.

Craving more ballet? Check out Emma Ballerina from The Wiggles. She has many videos using technical ballet terms and incorporating beautiful costumes. Below is a 45-minute video that bounces back from the studio to performances. Time to put your hard work to the test!

Looking for ways to engage your little ones in ballet? Here are some online resources to incorporate dance and ballet into your new routine.

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