Welcome, Dancers. We’re happy to have you all here for another great season at Cincinnati Ballet. This page is for internal use by dancers, and will house important documents, forms and information.

Online forms are not yet completed. Please email your day-off requests, etc to the appropriate person.

Forms & Agreements

Sick Day and Personal Day requests

Online forms are experiencing technical issues. If you don’t receive a confirmation that your message has been sent successfully please email the information to the Company Manager at ddandrea@cballet.org

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Costume Rental Agreement

Please see the Production Stage Manager for a hard copy of the Costume Rental Agreement form.

DVD Request Form

Online forms are experiencing technical issues. Please email Name, Date DVD is needed and information about the requested performance to the Production Stage Manager (mdobson@cballet.org) and the Company Manager (ddandrea@cballet.org).

Company Handbook

guidelines, expectations and procedures

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