CincyDance! in Washington Park

Over 2,000 local third grade students from Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky schools will have the opportunity to learn a dance set to a mix of classical and contemporary music. The students will have the opportunity to share a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime, collaborative community experience.

CincyDance! in Washington Park features an exciting program, hosted by Local 12’s Bob Herzog, with performances by Cincinnati Ballet, musical-communal activist Aprina Johnson , a demonstration by Cincinnati Kung Fu and an interactive salsa instruction and demonstration by Cuban Salsa Cincinnati. Mascots in attendance are Rosie Red and The Rumpke recycling mascot named Binny.

“When I first came to your class I said, ‘Her class is going to be boring,’ but now I know how to do a plié, a tendu, a passé, and an échappé! I just like doing ballet.”

Doneca, 6th grade

Join in the fun!

“We are hoping that people will participate by watching the dance-along videos, learning the dance, joining us for lunch on the lawn at Washington Park, and enjoying a day of making memories with a shared community experience!”

-Julie Sunderland, Director of Education

CincyDance! in Washington Park 2018 run through:

CincyDance! in Washington Park 2018 Breakdown:

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