Active, long term dance education

Cincinnati Ballet’s CincyDance! is a free program in selected schools providing dance classes and dance attire to over 1,800 third graders.  We aspire to take a long-term approach to exposing children from a wide range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds to dance, and to give them the chance to learn both the discipline and the joy of dance in a safe, structured and supportive environment. The CincyDance! program consists of three parts: The First Steps Residency, Ballet Foundations and ultimately The Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy Experience.


First Steps Residency

All Third Graders

Each fall, professional faculty from Cincinnati Ballet will provide six-week dance workshops for third grade students at selected schools in the Greater Cincinnati area. Through these weekly one-hour presentations students will be introduced to dance basics, specifically ballet. A selected group of students who show a strong interest and natural aptitude for dance will be invited to attend the Ballet Foundations program at Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy.

Ballet Foundations

Select Third Graders from First Step Residency

Ballet Foundations includes a tuition-free, 20-week program designed specifically for those students chosen from the First Steps Residency portion of CincyDance! (Approximately three students from each school will go on to participate in Ballet Foundations). Hour-long classes consist of ballet supplemented by other dance disciplines, including modern, jazz and hip-hop.

Students participating in Ballet Foundations are supplied with adequate ballet attire including leotards, tights and ballet shoes.

Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy Experience

Students chosen by Cincinnati Ballet Academy staff may continue full-time dance training through the Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy Experience with scholarships awarded on a basis of financial need and/or merit.

May 16, 2018

CincyDance! in Washington Park

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