Choreographing Confidence

Dance-based Leadership Workshop for Young Women

To fight the drop in confidence many girls experience as teenagers, Cincinnati Ballet and Always have teamed up to educate, empower and encourage girls to stay engaged in the activities they enjoy, such as dance! Choreographing Confidence will bring more than 100 young women ages 10-17 to the Cincinnati Ballet Center for a dance and leadership workshop, focused on promoting self-esteem and confidence.

Fun & Meaningful Activities

  • Learn about careers in dance and beyond the stage
  • Hear personal stories from Cincinnati Ballet’s women leaders
  • Write your story with Stacy Sims, Founder of The True Body Project
  • Express your story with choreographer Heather Britt, creator of DANCEFIX
  • Enjoy a high-energy DANCEFIX class

“Dance can help establish a positive sense of self and a positive perception of one’s body.”

Julie Sunderland, Director of Education


Join us for a day full of leadership and confidence building activities. Registration is easy: simply reserve your spot.

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