Lady of the Camellias

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Cincinnati Enquirer: “Lady of the Camellias” a breakout role for Velázquez

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Videos from the Stage

Cincinnati Ballet’s Behind the Ballet series takes you on stage to see impossible angles of Lady of the Camellias.

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Cincinnati Refined: I Swear I Saw “The Kama Sutra Of Dance” Play Out On The Stage Last Night

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CityBeat: Cincinnati Ballet Brings Back a Modern Masterpiece

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James Gilmer and Abigail Morwood talk to Fox 19

Fox 19 interviews James Gilmer and Abigail Morwood about their roles in Lady of the Camellias.

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Meet the Artists

Cincinnati Ballet is pleased to offer Meet the Artists, a pre-performance discussion series where you will have the opportunity to meet select dancers, choreographers and members of the creative team who bring Lady of the Camellias to life.

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Fast Facts on Lady of the Camellias

Why is Alexandre Dumas a familiar name? How much has the ballet changed? Where do camellias grow? We’ve got the answers to all the questions you didn’t even know to ask about Lady of the Camellias in our latest video.

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Cincinnati Enquirer: Ballet embraces diversity to create ‘best’ performances


Visit the link below to read what Cincinnati Enquirer has to say.

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Eliciting Emotion Without Words

Val Caniparoli wants you to feel, like any great artist. But that can prove difficult in ballet where words are never spoken, there are no close-ups or computer animated effects…

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The Tragic Origin of Lady of the Camellias

Val Caniparoli became choreographer for Lady of the Camellias in a way no one would prefer. We sat down to speak with him about his choreography and how the show has changed over the last two decades.

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