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Cincinnati.com: Dancers shine in Cincinnati Ballet’s Camelot


“It is, by any measure, quite spectacular.”

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CincinnatiParent.com: Cincinnati Ballet’s Camelot is a Timeless Romance


Thursday evening, my family and I saw this fantastic production. As the curtains rose, we became immersed in Camelot. The legend was brought to life by the elegant and graceful dancers, accompanied by a romantic musical score.

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Cincinnati Refined: King Arthur’s Camelot Will Leave You With All Of The Feels


After sitting through Camelot, you’ll think you just witnessed a live Broadway-esque production a la The Lion King. Cincinnati Ballet does not not hold back.

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King Arthur’s Camelot First Look Photo Gallery

See inside King Arthur’s Camelot before the curtain rises on opening night. Great seats are still available!

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Cervilio Miguel Amador and David Morse Rehearse King Arthur

Cervilio Miguel Amador takes up the crown as King Arthur again, and David Morse makes his debut as Camelot’s faithful leader in King Arthur’s Camelot, February 10-12.

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CincinnatiRefined.com: Nothing Says Valentine’s Day Like Sword Fighting, Pyrotechnics, and Betrayal


“Artists like Morgan (and especially Morgan) have turned modern ballet into spectacular theatre.”

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Inside Horse Puppet Rehearsals

See how the life-like horse puppets work in this rehearsal footage of King Arthur’s Camelot.

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Cincinnati.com: Tweaking perfection: King Arthur’s Camelot gets a redo


Writers have the opportunity to edit text before it’s read. Musicians refine music before it is performed. Filmmakers pore over films frame by frame to fine-tune the finished product. Choreographers rarely have that sort of chance. So when they do get it, they embrace it with a vengeance.

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Knight on the Town with Lancelot

We caught Lancelot out and about in Cincinnati which can only mean one thing: King Arthur’s Camelot opens in just one week!

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King Arthur’s Camelot Trailer

Join Cincinnati Ballet February 10-12 for King Arthur’s Camelot. The epic tale of honor, adventure and magic returns just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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