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Until Then, We Dance

Watch how Cincinnati Ballet dancers are filling their days during quarantine. They are continuing to create beautiful works for our community! Dancers: Taylor Carrasco, Joshua Stayton, Bella Ureta, Samantha Riester, Samantha Griffin, Arcadian Broad, Matthew Griffin, Kathleen Dahlhoff, Abbey Gonzalez Kay, Edward Gonzalez Kay, Christina LaForgia Morse, Luca De-Poli, Amanda Valentino, Michael Mengden, Marcus Romeo, […]

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Melissa and Luca in the Studio

What a wonderful sight indeed! Our dancers now have the option of training in our studios instead of their living rooms. For now, it’s one dancer per studio per session unless dancers have been self-isolating together. Here is principal dancer Melissa Gelfin and corps de ballet dancer Luca De-Poli getting some much-needed room to move […]

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CB Dancers Choreograph from Home

Dancers bored at home? As if. Watch this cute little piece choreographed by corps de ballet dancers Samantha Griffin and Taylor Carrasco. Choreography: Samantha Griffin & Taylor Carrasco Music: I’m on a Roll by Over The Rhine

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Clip from Romeo & Juliet

Cincinnati Ballet made its triumphant return to the then newly renovated Music Hall with choreographer Victoria Morgan’s Romeo & Juliet during our 2017-2018 Season. Watch as Principal Dancers Cervilio Miguel Amador and Melissa Gelfin embody the passion of the timeless tale. Composer Sergei Prokofiev’s dazzling score, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, gave life to […]

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2017-2018 Canvas Meets Choreography

Fun memory from the archives! First Soloist Maizyalet Velázquez and Corps de Ballet Artist Taylor Carrasco make a ‘pointe’ with paint. Visit our #CBAtHome page for more classes, videos, and activities.

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Choreography Cube

Cut on the black lines, fold at the dotted lines, and glue or tape together to form a cube. Roll your cube and act out the ballet move!

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Ballerina Mazes

The ballerina lost her tiara and pointe shoes. Can you help her find them? She needs them both for the big show tonight!

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Tiny Dancers

Before they were Cincinnati Ballet Company artists, they were some adorable tiny dancers! Check CB’s Instagram and Facebook channels for more fun childhood photos of our dancers all week long.

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Appalachian Spring Rehearsal // CB2

Did you know dancer Martha Graham was the first to choreograph and dance the leading role in composer Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring? Graham actually chose the title after Copland had written much of the score. Appalachian Spring tells the story of a young frontier couple on their wedding day. The music is an uplifting anthem […]

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Ballet Word Scramble

Things got a little crazy at the ballet and these words got scrambled. Can you put the letters in the right order to spell the ballet words?

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