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Frequently Asked Questions

Children’s Division

At what age may my student begin classes at Cincinnati Ballet?

Students as young as age 2 may begin ballet training at the Otto M. Budig Academy. Students must meet the minimum age requirement for each level by September 30 of the current academic year. The Children’s Division Ballet is separated into four different age groups: 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 and 6-7.

What should my student wear to ballet class?

Cincinnati Ballet Academy has an official uniform policy which is required for all students. Please arrive at the studio in street clothes or cover-ups. We do not recommend wearing only a leotard to and from class. There are restrooms available for changing. Children’s Division female students:
Pink CB tank leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes
Hair should be in a tight bun (no ponytails) for all classes.
Male students:
Close-fitting white t-shirt with black tights or leggings, white socks and white ballet shoes.
All students:
No jewelry, watches, skirts, leg warmers, sweat pants or baggy shirts are permitted.

Where may I purchase uniforms?

Uniforms must be purchased through the Academy. Uniforms are available for purchase at the reception desk or by pre-order through the Academy Administrative Office. Sizing and pricing information is available on uniform order forms. For all other dancewear-related needs, please visit one of our retail partners. These retailers offer a 10% discount to Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy students. No discounts apply to uniforms.
The Dance House @ 616 Buttermilk Pick, Crescent Springs, KY 859-344-6606
Diana’s Dancewear @ 8958 Blue Ash Road, Blue Ash, OH 513-792-0970
Cincinnati Dancewear @ 3838 Paxton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 513-533-9327

How long are classes?

Classes are 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Student and Senior Discounts

Yes! We love to see every generation appreciating the arts!

With a valid student ID, you may purchase one ticket at $20 or $25 for Premier Level seating starting 2 hours prior to show.* Student must present their own valid ID. Discount will not be offered when a student ID is shown on someone else’s behalf.

Seniors (60+) may purchase tickets at 50% off in person starting 2 hours prior to show time.*

*During The Kaplan New Works Series, student and senior discounts are only available 1 hour prior to show time. Discounted tickets are based on availability.

How often are classes held? How many weeks are in the semester?

Children’s Division classes are held weekly. Each class meets once per week. Each semester last 16 weeks and registration is for the entire year, which is 32 weeks. Each student receives several makeup vouchers in the event they miss a class and would like to make it up at another time.

Will my student perform?

Performance is an essential component of dance training. Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy presents its Spring Production in order to showcase our students’ accomplishments. Otto M. Budig Academy students in all Divisions will have the opportunity to perform in the annual Spring Production.

May parents observe classes?

Yes! The Otto M. Budig Academy offers a Parent Observation Week once per semester. These weeks are listed in the Fall and Spring semester schedule. During these weeks we invite you into the studio to observe your student’s class. Throughout the rest of the semester we generally keep the blinds drawn in the studios. Through experience, we have learned that students are more likely to concentrate and participate fully in the class if they are not being observed. Flash photography or video recording is not allowed in the studios at any time.

Main Division

How do I register my student?

Students 8 years old as of September 30 of the Academy year will register for Level 1. Students 9 years and older will need to schedule a placement class to determine the correct Level in the Academy. Call 513-562-1111 or e-mail cbacademy@cballet.org to schedule a placement class.

Are auditions required? How do I know which class level is appropriate?

Students who enroll at the Cincinnati Ballet Academy after the semester has commenced are eligible for pro-rated tuition if the student enrolls after the third week of the term. Please understand that we will NOT be able to enroll any new students after February 1 when rehearsals begin for Spring Productions.

How does a student gain placement or advance?

Students of Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy are placed according to their ability as evaluated by the Cincinnati Ballet Academy faculty. Placement classes are required for new students ages 9 and above. If a student is unable to attend a pre-arranged day of placement classes, then he/she will be advised to attend one class at the beginning of the term. This class will serve as the student’s placement audition – he/she will be notified of the appropriate level for the rest of the term by telephone.

The placement of students is at the sole discretion of the faculty of the Cincinnati Ballet Academy. The Cincinnati Ballet Academy reserves the right to change the level in which a student is placed whenever appropriate.

Is it common to repeat a level?

Yes, very. Each student can expect to repeat a level at least once during the course of his or her training at Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy. Most students repeat each level. Moving through levels too fast can have a detrimental effect on student training and can hinder progress at more advanced levels. Please be advised that even the simplest exercises are challenging when executed with precision. Many students will want to move up earlier than they are ready for it. We take proper level placement very seriously. We encourage parents to be supportive of our professional opinion, as it is in the best interest of the students.

When may a student dance en pointe?

Main Division Level 3 female students is the transition level for young dancers where they are evaluated for pointe during the year. Cincinnati Ballet Academy faculty considers the decision to place a student on pointe a serious responsibility. In keeping with that responsibility, the Cincinnati Ballet Academy strongly recommends that all students receive a formal pointe evaluation conducted by the Wellington Orthopedic Center. The evaluation measures both flexibility and strength. The final decision to place a student en pointe, based upon the pointe evaluation and classroom observation, rests with the Cincinnati Ballet Academy faculty. Students who are not able to handle the rigorous nature of pointe training, due to anatomical and technical limitations, will not be placed en pointe. The Faculty must consider each student’s safety and well-being on an individual basis, with regard to anatomical structure, injury prevention, strength, flexibility, and technical ability. The Academy will notify students of the pointe evaluation date and applicable fees during Spring Semester.

Does Cincinnati Ballet offer modern, jazz or musical theater classes?

Students are encouraged to expand their dance ability with classes in jazz, modern and musical theater. Please see the Main Division Schedule for class times.

What is the dress code for elective classes?

Dress Code for musical theater and jazz for girls is pink tights with the Cincinnati Ballet uniform leotard and jazz shoes. Lyrical’s dress code is pink tights with black Cincinnati Ballet uniform leotard with bare feet or dance paws. Modern dress code is Cincinnati Ballet uniform leotard with black shorts and bare legs or pink tights. No shoes required for modern.

How much does Cincinnati Ballet Academy cost?

Prices vary depending upon what level your child is in and how many classes he/she takes. Please contact the academy at 513-562-1111 to get the most recent tuition rates.

Adult Division

Are there changing facilities for students?

While Cincinnati Ballet doesn’t have a designated locker room or changing area, there are several restrooms available for your use.

Do I need to audition? How do I know which class level is appropriate for me?

There’s no need to audition. Students are encouraged to look at the class descriptions to determine which level is right for them. You are also welcome to contact a member of the Otto M. Budig Academy administrative staff for support in understanding which class may be best suited to your needs.

How do I stay informed about what’s happening at the Otto M. Budig Academy?

Most academy communication happens via email so please make sure we have your email address. The Academy’s website and Facebook page are also excellent resources for staying in touch with current news and offers. If you’re at the Ballet Center, you can also check our message boards in the main hallway or ask a member of our reception staff for more information.

Summer Intensive

Do I need a headshot, photograph or resume to the audition?

Yes, please bring a headshot and photo of first arabesque to the audition or mail in with your video. No resume required.

When will I find out if I’m accepted?

Cincinnati Ballet Academy will notify each student of regarding acceptance within 2-3 weeks by email following in-person audition or review of a video audition. If you have not received an email within 2-3 weeks of your audition, please be sure to check your the spam folder of your email account. If then you still have not received notification, please contact us at 513-562-1111.

I’ve been accepted, now what?

To secure your place in the program, please forward a completed registration form and non-refundable $250 tuition deposit as early as possible. Faculty determines placement in a placement class on the first day of the program or on the first day you arrive.

How do I make housing reservations?

Housing requests must be indicated on the registration form and be accompanied by a non-refundable $250 housing deposit. Housing fee includes room and board as well as transportation to the Cincinnati Ballet Center on weekdays. Housing requested without a deposit will not be processed.

What classes do Summer Intensive students take?

Summer Intensive dancers take Ballet Technique, Pointe or Men’s classes, as well as Jazz, Modern, Pilates, Character and Contemporary. All levels will also take partnering class. Beginning in Week 3, students will begin to rehearse for the Performance Workshop.

What is the housing like?

Students will be housed at Xavier University in Fenwick Place. Rooms are suite style with three or four bedrooms per suite and two students per bedroom. Each suite has two full bathrooms and one common furnished area. WiFi and cable are available and each room is comfortably air conditioned and fully carpeted. Access to the dormitory is by key card only.

What else does housing include?

Your housing cost includes accommodations at Xavier University, all meals both on campus and off, and transportation to and from the ballet each day. You will also be provided with an X card which can be used at various locations on campus including; Xavier University Book Store and Mail Center, laundry facilities, vending machines, Coffee Emporium (on campus), and other various campus restaurants and shops on campus. Families have the ability to load X cards with money for future purchases either on campus or online!

Is there a performance at the end of the Intensive?

Yes! Beginning in Week 3 each level will begin to rehearse for the end of the summer performance. This performance is held on the last day of the Intensive at the Cincinnati Ballet Center at 1555 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH, 45214 in our Mickey Jarson-Kaplan Studio Theater. No tickets are necessary!



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