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1801 Campaign

Thank you for sharing this dream as our Cincinnati Ballet, in its glory, has now opened its Margaret and Michael Valentine Center for Dance. To think our company dancers, Otto M. Budig Academy students, and Cincinnati Ballet family now have a world-class facility commensurate with the caliber of training and artistry being produced, incredible thanks to you! 

Click below to make a gift towards our new ballet center.  Donations of $1,801 or more will be recognized with a name engraving on our outdoor performance plaza for all the years to come!

Thank you to all of our capital campaign donors!

The A.T. Folger, Jr.–Lowe Simpson Fund

AIM for Pets and The Doyle-Brewer Family

Lois and Ken Allen

Ms. Jeanette Altenau

Scott, Lisa, Zack and Aaron Altman

Bob Amott and Janice Flanagan

Timothy and Mary Anne Anderson

Dick Antoine and Dorothy O’Brien

Aaron and Anita Arnsperger

John and Christina Back

Amy and Michael Bailes

Dan and Fran Bailey

Henrietta Barlag

Kate and Bill Baumann

Bettye C. Beaumont

Don Beck and Dr. Larry Eynon

Charles and Bonnie Bensonhaver

Chris Bergman and Stacey Devlin

Connie Bergstein Dow and Buzz Dow

David and Elaine Billmire

Amy Bixel

Laura and James Blair

Sue and Ben Blaney

Ruth Bley

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bloch, in honor of Debbie Brant

John and Mary Ann Boorn

Neil Bortz

Deborah and Jody Brant

Joseph Brant

Susan Brenner and Steven Mombach

Christopher and Sarah Brown

Kelly Brown and Family

James Brown and Judith Masset-Brown

Trish and Rick Bryan

Otto M. Budig

Gary and Angelia Butterbaugh

Bernie and Mary Kay Calonge

Louise and Lanthan Camblin

Onassis A. Caneris MD

Fran and Wayne Carlisle

Joe Carolin and Amy Heisel

Joya Caryl

Brooke and Allie Catalano-Arnsperger

Melanie M. Chavez

Nancy R. Clagett

Ezra, Zoe, Sasha, Leon and Nora Cohen

Ariella and Andrew Cohen

Sheila Claire Cohen

Kevin Cole

Paula I. Comisar

Jennifer and Robert Conklin

Cindy and Bob Conway

David and Kristin Coppage

Dr. Sarah Corathers and Mr. James Anthony

Bill and Paula Cordes

Tanya Cornejo and Aaron Kellenberger

Lady Ann Crosset

The Daily Family

Judy and Chris Dalambakis

The Daley Family

Katie and Joe Daly

Jennifer and Vito Damiano

Kelly M. Dehan and Richard J. Staudigel

Kalyn Rachel Devlin-Bergman

Susan and David Deye

Susan Ginn Domonkos

Kevin and Sally Donovan

Susan Dorward

The Doug Bruestle Family

Connie and Buzz Dow

Kara Dugan and Family

Dianne Dunkelman and Peter Schwartz

Kari and David Ellis

Jerry Ewers and Brian L. Tiffany

Santagata-DiCristofaro Family

The Kereiakes Family

Susan and Patrick Farrell

Risa and Stephen Feagins

Barry and Sandy Feist

Kristin and Chris Fishbaugh

Sarah Frank Fogarty and Timothy Fogarty

Mary and Christopher French

Sue and Bill Friedlander

Paul and Michelle Frodge

GBBN Architects

Chuck and Julie Geisen Scheper

Jodi M. Geiser and James H. Miller III

Kathryn S. Gibbons

Ralph P. Ginocchio

Nicholas Gonzales and Anne Eisele

Lynn and Brian Good

Madeleine H. Gordon

Zack Grubbs

Jess Guarnaschelli, Sylvie, and Alice Gumlaw

Jess Guarnaschelli, Sylvie, and Alice Gumlaw

The Guy Guckenberger Family

H.B., E.W., F.R., Luther Foundation, Fifth Third Bank & Narley L. Haley, Co-Trustees

The Hairston Berkley Family

Suzanne and J. Franklin Hall

Ham and Ellie Hamilton

Lauren  Hannan Shafer

Harold C. Schott Foundation

Kathryn and Keith Harsh

Emma Hartkemeier, In Honor of Lydia Moore

Courtney and Evan Hatter

Genita and Rob Heidenreich

Cynthia E. Henderson

Larry and Maggie Herms

Barbara and Guy Hild

Rachel Hinger

Minette G. Hoffheimer

Irene A. Hofmann

Ana Holland

Tammy Holt

Tom and Terry Honebrink

Craig Honkomp

Eddie and Theresa Hooker

Terence L. and Christine W. Horan

Ez and Lynn Housh

Anne R. Ilyinsky

In Honor of Anne Ilyinsky

In honor of George Wilkinson

In honor of Violette Skavlem

In Memory of Eunice M Wolf

In Memory of Peggy and James Bridgeland

J.S. Held

Lydia Jacobs-Horton and Jeff Horton

Tyler and Andrew Jenkins

Louise and Bruce Jewett

Adelheid Grace Johnson

Steven and Esther Johnson

Ginger Johnson

Scott and Patricia Joseph

Noël Julnes-Dehner and Joe Dehner

Austin Kaiser

Marcy and Mark Kanter

Barbara and Larry Kellar

Bill, Janet and Jayde Kief

Daniel and Katherine Kiley

Kathryn E. Kipp

Annette and Chuck Klein

Richard Kline

Jennifer Knight Zelkind and Mike Zelkind

Renee and Michael Kreeger

Victoria A. Kuhlman

Peter Laffoon and John Fowler

Betsy and John LaMacchia

Lynn and Daniel Langmeyer

Susan and Richard Lauf

Geoffrey Leder

The Lefever Family

Kyle Lemoi

Terri Lynn Lessnau

Drs. Lynn and Lizbie Lin

Georgia and Gerald Lippold

Leon and Joy Loewenstine

Linnea Lose

Anne and Craig F. Maier

Karen F. Maier and Delane Starliper

David L. Martin

Debby and Jim Mason

Gina Massa and John Srofe

Tom and Nicole Massey

Madelynn and Raymond Matlock

The Maxwell C. Weaver Foundation

Christa and Mark McAndrew

Megan  McCarthy and Steve Wolf

Larry and Jill McGruder

Karen and William  McKim

Thomas J. McLaughlin

Judy and Roger Meicenheimer

Lane and Skip Merten

Merten Family In Honor of Edward E. Betz

Messer Construction Co.

Lauren and James Miller

Terry C. Miller and Dale C. Hayes

The Mark and Stacey Miller Family

Jack Miner and Brian Dozer

Anu and Shekhar Mitra

Avani Modi and Nilesh Patel

Victoria Morgan

David and Kimberly Morrow

Julia Morton

Emerson and Mitzie Moser

Loretta Motz Cook and David Cook

Alex and Sara Muñoz

Barbara K. Myers

Raye Needham Allen

Dr. E. Don and Julia Nelson

Katherine Nemeth

Kathy O’Brien

Ohio Valley Foundation Ohio Valley Foundation

Jack and Alexa Oliver

Alexandra and Cole Ollinger

Randall and Marianne Olson

Carol and Bob Olson

Jack and Marilyn Osborn

Marge and Tom Osterman

Chris and Rachael Palermo

Maria and Jim Papakirk

Jack, Sara, and Sid Pomeroy

Paul and Marilyn Porcino

Julie Post Ventura and Joe Ventura

Julia and Dan Poston

Halle and T. Quinn

Martha and Nick Ragland

Irene and Daniel Randolph Family Randolph Family

Kathleen Reinhart Hunter

Yvonne Reissig

Amy and Bradley Resch

Stacey Rich

Ann M. Romaker and George G. Watkins

Nancy and Edward G. Rosenthal

Diane and Bill Rumpke, Jr.

Mary E. Rust

Jane Ruwet Hopson

Ruthann and Dr. G. James Sammarco

Bill and Lisa Sampson

Keke and Tony Sansalone

Missie and Art Santomo

Janet Sarran

Jerry and Lorraine Schlagheck

Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee

Alice Schneider

Chef Renee Schuler, Eat Well Celebrations & Feasts

Marianne Schwab and George Stricker Jr.

Justin and Lisa Shafer

Dee Shaffer

Rhonda and Larry A. Sheakley

Susan and Russ Shelton

Gayle and Bill Sherman

Julie and Steven Shifman

Linda and Don Siekmann

The Sims Family

Susan and David Smith

Elizabeth A. Snyder

Jen, Eric, and Rachael Spieser

Dee and Tom Stegman

Polly Stein

Jen and John Stein

Timothy Stepanski and Sarah Groeschen

Joel and Lisa Stone

Brett Stover

Tony and Katie Strike

Carol G. Talbot

Kevin, Rosie, Amie and Sarah Templeton Wilson

Susan and John Tew

Bill and Amy Thaman

The Kaplan Foundation

The Terry Crilley Family

Heather and Jonathan Theders

Pamela and Paul Thompson

James L. Thompson

Drs. Juliana and William Tobler Jr. Family

Tom Parrish and Rachel Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Tsuang

Wendy Turner and Kimberley Pollock

Margaret and Michael Valentine

Beatrice and Arthur Venable

Roger and Jennie Wade

Kate Wagner

Ginger and David Warner

Suzana Waterhous

Kelly Watson

DeeDee and Gary West

Western and Southern Financial Fund

William Weyand

Barbara M. Weyand

John and Tiffany Whitcomb

Chris and Faith  Whittaker

Jo Ann Wieghaus

George and Kathy Wilkinson

Justin, Susan, Emme and Parker Williams

Ronna and Dr. James Willis

Anne Wilson

Terry, Louanna and Claire Wyatt

Yetter Family

Thomas, Helen and Alisa Yocum

Ben and Dinese Young

Felicia Zakem and Kenneth Heldman

Lisa and Lock Zaring and Family

Michelle Ehlert Ziegler and Family

Marcy and Bob Ziek

Jeff and Lisa Zupp